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This week on The Minutemen, we have a fairly short podcast, we have all been slacking on comic reading. Pat talks about finishing vol 4 of X-men Gold. Justin talks about Suicide Squad vol 7 Rebirth. Justin been slacking and reading manga, and inadvertently created a new game to play on the show. First thing […]

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Christian has an altercation with someone in lobby chat. Clay starts talking in a strange voice. Darren throws a grenade at an ally. Clay runs from the cooked grenades. Darren and Clay are under fire. J throws a troll at Sprouse. Zac and Darren provide taxi services for J. Clay recounts his life story. Colors […]


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This week Justin talks about Batman: White Knight, Justice League vol 7, Justice League: No Justice, Teen Titans vol 3, and Supersons vol 3. First thing we talk about is Daredevil season 3 and how its the best season ever. Luke Cage and Iron Fist cancellation hits me pretty hard but Im not that upset […]

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Ever drive with nitro before? We have. Clay does some science experiments. Dbatch teaches us a new way to say backpack. Darren’s grenade antics resume for a moment. Christian can drive like Ron Weasley. We’re tasked with taking out a guy, but can’t remember his name. J and Darren 1v1 again, Dbatch isn’t happy about […]

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Toaster Squadcast episode 131

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Many people have pulled all night-ers in their time, but doing it for charity is another animal. In this episode we go over how gaming and charity efforts are connected. Either through streaming for charity, or companies selling micro-transactions.

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What would you do if you could spend 50 billion dollars to create a gaming giant? The Squad discusses, for ASA, how they’d spend that crazy amount of money if they were fortunate enough to be in charge of it. For the Rest of the Show, they predict what’s going to happen during the next […]

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