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About Healthcare Advocacy Group.

Millions of patients use prescription drugs or medical devices every day, trusting that these products are safe and have been properly tested. Sadly, this is not always the case. Thousands of families are affected by drug injury or death each year.

Many consumers don’t know that pharmaceutical companies and the FDA do not disclose all drug side effects or independent research of the safety of these products. They also may not know that millions of dollars are awarded each year to help those injured.

Healthcare Advocacy Group provides the latest research, warnings, FDA recalls and legal news to those who use popular drugs or medical devices. Informed patients can compare their side effects with others and determine questions for their doctor. In addition, we can help those affected learn more about their legal options or speak with a qualified lawyer.



Find the latest news on prescription medications and medical devices including new releases, what’s popular or under warning. 

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In short:

  • Top notch research on products you’re using

  • Updates & news on side effects and injuries

  • Medical and legal support for you

bad drugs

Thousands of prescription drugs have been linked to side effects, but some of these are so severe they lead to recalls or restricted use. Learn if your medicine is included.

recalled devices

In recent years the FDA and manufacturers have recalled several popular medical implants or surgical devices due to a heightened risk of injury or death.

claim assistance

Healthcare Advocacy Group can help you navigate the challenging process of filing a claim for your drug or medical device injury. Lawyers are available to talk for free today.

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