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Want to kwnow about our services? Try Without Account. Get a free of charge and no registration Three days of 2GB free storage, just contact us and send us your full name and email address to email: and get a link and a password to your email for your new cloud web control panel.

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Register now and get a free of charge 30GB two weeeks account with full access to the web control panel. Like it; see our fair prices plans and looking forward to seeing you as our customers. While registering please fill your valid email address we need to send you the cPanel url link, username and password.

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*For assistance email us at Have Android or Apple phone, we'll send you a link to use these apps and backup your phone photos movies and files. Prefer Desktop we also can share you with a easy to use desktop backup application.

24/7 Access

Access your data, download share create a password secured links to files pictures and movies, create a share link with date expiration.

End-to-End Encryption

We use a secure layer to tranfer data over HTTPS encrypted hash complexed algorithem. You can rest assure your data is safe and secure.

Real Time Update

Dektop application updates to the cloud while you can choose what folders to update by cheking them with checkbox.

Big Data Storage

Up to 5TB of storage per user purchas for a year get 2 months free. You can choose to pay monthly but yearly you get 2 months free discount, Redundancyncy, two replicates of the data in different locations so your data is safe.

Secure Global Access

Access form anywhere in the world using a web browser a Desktop Application for most OS distributions. mobile application is your thing use it for android or iphone.

One Stop Shop

You get all in one place, real competitive prices. No trasfer limit by our system. Mobile Apps: Drive App, Photo Album, Desktop App, Secure App Connection, Premium and Regular Email Support.

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Plan I


  • 30 GBStorage
  • UNLIMITEDBandwidth

Plan II



  • 100 GBStorage
  • UNLIMITEDBandwidth
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Plan IIIMost Popular



  • 200 GBStorage
  • UNLIMITEDBandwidth
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Plan IV



  • 1 TBStorage
  • UNLIMITEDBandwidth
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Plan V



  • 2 TBStorage
  • UNLIMITEDBandwidth
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Plan VI



  • 5 TBStorage
  • UNLIMITEDBandwidth
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Mobile Apps

Securely manage your files and collaborate with everyone from everywhere.

Desktop Apps

Securely manage your files and collaborate with everyone from everywhere.

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About Us

CEO and CTO Barak Goldberg born in Israel Tel Aviv Over 15 years of experience in Computer Science in programming, System Administration and information security Graduate a B.A. in Business and Economy. Worked in fields of Security, Programming and Networking.

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