I thought Walt would be perfect for Kiki.

This is too big to easily carry.

They lost everything.

He isn't alone anymore.

I've been waiting like a year for this.

Becky decided to throw a party for Deb.

They're all chasing him.


Excuse me, could you please take a photo of my friends and me?

Let's take a short drive this afternoon.

This air cleaner came pretty cheap when I bought it, but I'm rather suspicious of the "negative ions" it produces.

It'll be crowded everywhere today.

It's flu season.


Srivatsan thinks he's in love.

Wherever you go, you will meet people who are kind and generous.

It happened just the way Part said it did.

His wife leads him by the nose.

That's the meat of a hen.

I'll go and ask her.

Jennie is more handsome than I expected.

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I wouldn't like to meet him in a dark place.

You may open the window.

Erik is now being held prisoner.

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Mitch still has great vitality for his age.

It was incredible.

He played the piano and she sang.

When she entered the room, he stood up.

You have to come with me right away.

How was it done?

Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present.

I've seen Norm in action.

You'll never know.

They both looked at him.

I am here now.


Old habits are hard to break.


I graduated from high school last year.

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Curt's dog runs behind me.


I showed her the way.

Tammy looks as young as ever.

Nora wished he were better at swimming.

Sit right there.

We missed you very much at the party yesterday.

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I know you're not scared.

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Daryl lived for thirty years.

I left my glasses at home.

My grandmother used to say that she would live to be a hundred, but she died at the age of 85.

Meanwhile, one national newspaper put out a headline in its evening edition, which read Japan and the U.S. came to a substantial agreement. This surprised many people including the government officials.

Ahmet said that he was aware of the ongoing conspiracy.

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I have three tickets for it.

They slowly approached Saify.

Do you know how many people turned up at the dance last week?

Put the bag down.

Who's singing with him now?

I'm being good with you this morning.

I was half asleep when I went home.

I would be happy to help you.

Watch out for that man.

He sat in front of me.

Brenda had to go himself.

Omar is filling a bottle with water.

I don't like sad movies.

This is wrong.

Give me some news!

I remember it like today.

Claudio is still in the bathroom.

Biddle was an extremely intelligent man.

The police looked everywhere and could find no trace of Sergio.

It's already been five years since we began to study English.

I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.

The wedding ceremony was shorter than Coleen expected it to be.

His talk was a mere game.

The lesson being over, children ran out into the hall.

Kris respects Dustin a lot.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

We trust your judgment.


We've got a little bit of a problem here.

Am I allowed to use your car today?

You're my life and all that I want and need.

Make sure of your facts before you write the paper.

Angela's meeting with his boss was very tense.

I think he has done it.

I found some money.


I thought Laura would go to the bank and get some cash.

Do you have this in my size?

Actually, I know that.

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I wouldn't do that even if you paid me.

I'm glad that I'm not paying.

Use your head!


I parked on the street in front of your house.

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Jitendra called everyone for an emergency meeting in the office of the Prime Minister.

This is the first time I've translated from Italian.

5 dollars in quarters and a dollar in dimes.

I want you to trust me, just like you'd trust Olson.

It's not at all typical.

Someone will come for you.

It's a relief to have finished the assignment on time.

I thought you quit.

We must consider the financial aspects of this project.

A punch is just a punch. A kick is just a kick.

We have witnesses.

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He has a brother who lives in Tokyo.

Dale is in horrible shape.

Put the eggs into the boiling water.

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She asked too many questions at church.

The egg is a universal symbol of life and rebirth.

I believe in Ami.

I'm going to name my dog Cookie.

Gilles told Kamiya that she should visit the museum.


Could you ask her to call me?


The night was so cold.


I bought this coral ring at the Flea Market.


Natural teak forests occur in only four countries: India, Laos, Burma and Thailand.


The French president is to visit Japan next month.

She's very cunning.

Is there anything you want to tell me, Aaron?


How do you think Victoria died?

I don't like coffee.

They are proud in humility; proud that they are not proud.

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I think they sold you a bad article if ask me.

What in the world does Karl see in Chip?

Don't play games with me!

In the 90s, Ireland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and Georgia abolished the death penalty.

Let me stay here.


I wasn't able to leave my house.


We're not serious.

How can we find him?

I don't know how long I'll be gone.

What is the ideal age to get married?

They probably know.

Jane radioed the dispatcher for backup.

The airplane has brought about a revolution in travel.

I never knew about such a duty.

I have a proposition, Benson.


We'll find them.

The statement is not wholly true.

Were you told to do so?

With that sort of attitude you'll never get past the honourable-mention prizes.

I don't have all the facts.

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Please get your junk out of this room.

Doug doesn't seem to be aware of the problems.

We must stop them.

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They searched here and there looking for survivors.

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Will that be hard for you?


I am proud of being a doctor.

Many migratory birds come to this pond every year in winter.

This is harder than I thought.

The project was a failure but it did pave the way for the success of later efforts.

Nothing is left so vividly in our mind as the impressions we received in our younger days.


You're not supposed to be here now.


I'm going to wash my car.


That's something you'll regret.

I have some cravings.

Did you buy me these?


Have you finished it?

She died in a bike accident.

At the end of the sentence one should put a period.

He maintains that it's true.

I am rubber, you are glue; whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

I'll let you know when I've decided what to do.

I don't think that's the plan.

The time is yet to come.

How far is Hakata from here?


She is losing blood.