He usually looks through the newspapers before breakfast.

I asked for a table over there.

Murph was wearing a red skirt.

Don't be so sure about that.


Do you think he's really sorry?

How're you this morning?

He kept on smoking all the time.

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No one will obey you now.


Can I exchange yen for dollars here?

Don't come to work too late!

If you like, I can do that for you.

Ah, unfortunately there is a small matter I need to attend to so I'll take my leave now.

I was arrested last week.

I've attained a native speaker's fluency in English but girls don't put out for me anyway.

I thought I'd have another chance to do that.


His English is better than mine.

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He is said to have been strong.

I maxed out my credit card.

You'd better tell Celia what he needs to do.

Lee meant it as a joke, but nobody laughed.

Can he account for his action?

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I keep sneezing.

Bruce is one of the best workers we have.

Dominick helped Laurel out of the rowboat.


Why do you think so?

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The president's proposal was approbated.


I haven't seen Vladimir around.

He speaks English as well as though he were an Englishman.

Give them just enough food every day.

Do you really want to buy a car now?

We sold those to them, didn't we?

Finance Ministry officials tried to boost confidence in recovery.

It's a peacock. It was a peacock that cried just now.

It did more harm than good.

The aircraft cabin holds two hundred and fifty people.


Maybe you'd like to meet her.

She was agitated by the news of her lover's death.

There are several flowers. One is red, another is white, and the others are yellow.

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I hope that the weather will be dry.

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Srinivas wasn't drowning.


One day you'll understand.


Just because Slartibartfast provoked you doesn't give you a right to attack him.


Then Abraham looked immediately behind and saw a ram between the brambles, caught by the horns, and he lifted up the ram to the offering, and he slaughtered it there as a sacrifice to God instead of his son Isaac.


Did you go to school today?

She stopped dead in her tracks.

I talked with friends.

"What! You're still with that guy?" and we answer: "What can I do! I LOVE him!"

I wonder why Vilhelm didn't want to go to Boston with us.

I checked the gauge.

How beautiful this flower is!

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One is blue.

His mother was more kind than intelligent.

I'll call her immediately.

It's a terrible affair.

Just look at him.


They found an ancient bowl from 2,000 years ago.

Where are the flowers she used to plait into her hair? Where's lush verdure, warm and serene nights, happy songs?

I got my eyes tested.

Who do you think she is?

Do you like your classmates?


He lives three doors from the post office.

In summer I go to the sea, in winter to the mountains.

The result of the game is doubtful.


When it comes to houses, Ike prefers Victorians over colonials.

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He was dressed in black.

Through the internet, we are now able to acquaint ourselves, deeply and in detail, with the mental activities of even the furthest people on the planet.

It's not difficult.

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They offered it to me.

Beverly is an ambitious young woman.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency upped the level of the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant from level 5 to level 7.

I'm sure Marek wouldn't mind.

Dorothy was often late for school.

The producers hired a team of writers just to patch up the show's continuity, lest they get letters from...those people.

Great speed is a feature of the Concorde.

Alex saw the rota but changed a time that she couldn't make.

I was enchanted with the music.


I have a great deal to do today.


What would cause something like that?

Give it a whirl.

The crude oil price is falling further.

You'll never get it.

He resembles his mother.

I'm from Tokyo, Japan.

Heather said he didn't have enough money to buy a motorcycle.

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I know every trick in the book.

Don't cut the cake with a knife.

The light went out.

I happen to agree with you.

Thanks for the fruit.

My neighbour is a doctor.

He narrowly escaped being run over.

He seems to be in good health.

Philippe is being arrested right now.


Just look at those good-looking men!


Are you a teacher or a student?

Well, ask!

Did your husband have many enemies?

Is it poisonous?

Going to Europe is very exciting, but also scary.

It's divided into three parts.

I will finish it by the time he comes back.


Neil has a bruise on his face.

A doctor's instruments must be kept absolutely clean.

The solution lay before my eyes, but I didn't see it.

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I think he is so qualifed for the job.

In towns, speed is limited to 50 km/h.

She's in boarding school in Florence.

They're here to protect her.

Sit down, the place isn't taken.


He wiped the sweat off his face.

I baked him cookies.

He sent his luggage earlier.

That's something people wonder about.

You're not going to tell me what I want to know, are you?


Do you have pictures of your kids with you?


I just want to have a good time.

Let me deal with him.

It was totally inappropriate.

I think it possible for man to live on the moon.

Only she can use the computer.


There was a controversy about the location of the new school.


Play the role of Hamlet.

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He was bound hand and foot.

You doubt my loyalty?

World War Two ended in 1945.

I won't be able to help them.

You are not in a position to ask for anything.

Dan shot and killed himself in this room.

The doctor looked gravely at the patient.

Sugih began to open the present.

Rabin tried to concentrate.

I wasn't convinced.

He is leaning on the back of the chair.

Ramanan filled up the bottle with cold water.

It is completely natural for her to be mad.


Our school is famous for its club activities.

Brendan isn't very mean.

He failed in his business in spite of his efforts.


John can really talk a blue streak about Peru.

Darryl was bullied.

It is taken for granted that students know how to express themselves.


Would you like something to eat?


Clifford refused to help Duane do her homework.

My sister is a very good typist.

Things are looking good.

My mom wants me to study in Switzerland.

Her husband is currently living in Tokyo.

I get good grades.

If he asks me that question, I won't answer.

I love brinjal.

I'll make him some sandwiches.

I've been invited to speak in front of esteemed groups such as yourselves.

The telephone was silent.


Japan has long been favored by a business boom.

This old fish tastes weird.

I dropped my apple.

He claims he knows nothing about her.

Both Jess and Roger are dying.

Ricardo is a real comedian and she seems to have an overwhelming supply of jokes up her sleeve.

Please say hello to your parents for me.