Do you miss your old job?

In the United States the word 'rebate' is widely recognized, generally as an incentive where makers give back directly to consumers.

I accept this proposal.

Are you all right?

I don't have as much free time as I used to.


I just don't care enough.

Don't let appearances deceive you.

It is apt to get either cloudy or windy when the cherry-blossoms are in full bloom.


Let's get back to work.


Dan threw his phone into the swimming pool.

Pierette doesn't seem to agree.

How would you help us?


You might get shot.


People call him Dave.

Jong shot them.

The student answered, "The square root of 256 is sixteen."

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I'm afraid I have no experience.

Will you give me a ride?

All of the boys didn't laugh at him.

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Are you fucking crazy or just stupid?


I invited Sid to go to a movie with me.

I believe that this is not a good idea.

Lindsey asked me a lot of questions that I couldn't answer.

Spread compost on the garden beds before planting your seedlings.

We cannot find him in the office. He may have quit his job.


I was very tired today.

She is so tall!

You'll be seeing her soon.

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Can you say that again?

I woke up at five.

They're the perfect family.


I'll call you when I get to Boston.

It's not surprising!

As a child, I loved picking peaches in my grandfather's garden.


The farm!


Humor them.

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We have to live with the consequences of our actions.

I wish you'd both keep quiet.

We were allowed to speak either in English or in Japanese.

I'm not tired at all.

We used to fight.


Let's work together here.

His bike is better than mine.

Currently, the industry is a good example of an area of depression.

A trip to Hawaii will cost you about 200 dollars.

What a great show!

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I was very idealistic.


If the boss finds this out, I'm done for.

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The boy over there reading a book is Dwayne.

What is a workman without his tools?

His ideas never fetched him a nickel.


We found Werner.


There is quite a bit of water remaining.

I'll find out what's happening.

We could not bear to listen to the sick child's pathetic cries.

I still think Jamie is a racist.

I said we'll take care of it.

He distanced himself from politics.

He not only speaks English, he speaks French, too.

A hole in one is moving on the whole.

Stay close to Thad.

Kayvan eats like a bird.

Tracey does fine work.

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He would give an arm and a leg for that.


What is going on there now?

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Your name was mentioned.

Many thanks for this illustrative collection of examples.

My conscience bothers me.

So this seemed pretty important to me.

It's just something I've been thinking about.

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There isn't anything to celebrate.

Jochen's name isn't on the list.

Did you give him your phone number?


You're very emotional.

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Can you give me a cup of tea?

She twisted a strand of hair around her finger.

No criminal charges will be filed against you.

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Irving has a lot of talent.

On the bottle it says that I should consult my doctor if symptoms persist.

Tell me that we haven't failed.


Don't touch what isn't yours.

The store is closing soon and is offering everything at half price.

"It must bother you to have taken a bad master." "I'm stupid too. So, it's all right."

They'll want to punish him.

I can't deal with them anymore.

Apples are good for your health, and, in addition, they taste great.

John ignored our warnings.

He amused us with funny stories.

These are not my ideas.

They found Rachel in great pain.

I'll put you through to the president.

I will accomplish my purpose step by step.

Either you or I will get the first prize.

The work is a whole day.

I need a place to live.

Others came to escape religious persecution.

It is said that Anne will get married in June.

Babies are interesting to watch.

Darin is a loser.

He has a good grasp of English.

May I leave school early today?

You'll go without television.

The fire burns.

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We'll meet her at the gate.

Julia doubted that Mason would call back.

Second thoughts are best.

Rob has a cat.

Christopher always goes to the supermarket where Maria works.

She went to college to study English.

I doubt if a single individual could be found from the whole of mankind free from some form of insanity. The only difference is one of degree.

How would you do that?

Jwahar just wanted Dorian to study harder.


How many milligrams are you taking right now?


Sofia is looking for someone who speaks French.

Shakil doesn't have any chance of winning.

I get depressed at times.


Was Margaret the one who suggested this?

I'd like to hear you talk more about that.

It isn't futile to go to university.


Take a minute to think about it.

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Extract an essence from the bark of a tree.

I'm glad you like her.

What are you referring to?

The kids nodded obediently.

What are you and Avery doing?

I'm not feeling so hot myself.

Sally wrapped a hot water bottle in a towel and placed it on Sandeep's forehead.

That was a gallant deed.

Would you please turn down the TV?

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They found one.


Is Rafael cute?

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My father was never around.


All Naim really needed was a hug.

Please, do not worry about me.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

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"How old are you?" "I'm 16 years old."

We sat together in silence for some time.

Those two experiments yielded similar results.

He didn't say a single word.

You are extremely unpleasant.

The boys and girls paired off for the dance.

That's going to be a problem.

Our constitution was drawn up under American guidance.

I'm pleased to see you.

It was not until yesterday that we noticed the animal missing.

Jill wrote a story about that.

In general, little is known about nonlinear second order differential equations.

He keeps two cats: one is black, and the other white.

The United States navy was not ready for war.

Major saw Maureen standing by the fireplace and went over to talk to her.

You're no better than Craig.

Mann was afraid he would hurt Ping's feelings.

He is a terrible fidget.

I didn't know it before.


It is hard for the couple to live together any longer.


One senator has called a president of another country, an officer of the old intelligence service which would like to restore that country's old empire.

He became a Catholic.

Hong Kong is the least regulated economy in Asia.