Welcome to PearShapedCode, the personal website of Terry Pears. Here I present samples of my work ranging from websites to design mockups, Photoshop jobs, galleries, portfolio work and blog.

Gallery: Owls

Our local photography club got a visit from the Banbury owl sanctuary and a number of his owls, click to go to the gallery to see some of the nicer photos.

Portfolio: Browns Leisure

The Browns Leisure website is one of my favourite creations, click for more info.

Gallery: Fark Entries

Some of my recent Fark Photoshop competition entries have been somewhat thin on the ground, but sometimes a quick and dirty entry is needed now and then, click for more info.


Out of a large batch of old family photos that got the high quality scanner treatment, there are more than a few photos that were in quite a messy state. Click for more info on the cleanup operation.

Portfolio: Adverts

Occasionally my brother emails me demanding a quicky advert for display in Scores Las Vegas, and it usually entails him wanting it the previous day while I wait for the source material! Click for more info.

Gallery: Friend Posters

Some of my fellow kickboxers are a worthy bunch, for Photoshopping that is! What started out as a joke has turned into a larger project for everyone, with more people queueing up to get their own poster. Click to view the entries so far.

Portfolio: Custom MySpace

DJRak is a custom computer company that specialise in music systems for DJ's and they wanted a MySpace page designing and creating (shudder), click for more info on the hell that creating a decent MySpace page can entail.