We still have things we have to do.

I'll write at you or I'll phone you in the next week.

I admit, I'm not the tidiest person in the world.

Will you wash my shirt?

Jordan is the type of person who likes to argue just for the sake of arguing.

Tell Olivier I didn't read it.

I don't think I could spend six hours alone with you.

Brad looks half asleep.

That's too heavy.

This might get ugly.

You came back.


The trees are shooting out buds.


Let me kiss you.

We have had enough of rain.

I am not concerned with it.

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Which way will you take?

I'll play a sonata for you.

Japan is in eastern Asia.

Doing math is the only socially acceptable way to masturbate in public.

We aren't sure what to do.


Thanks for the chocolate! I hope you enjoyed the pancakes, and I hope you had a great day as well.


He stole my money from the safe.

I'm not satisfied with this.

Many people suffer from heart disease in Japan, but in Libya those having heart attacks have also increased a lot recently.


Victor appears stunned.

You're a loser, Hector.

I have a daughter who's married to a Frenchman.

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Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.

Half of the bananas in the basket were rotten.

We appreciate your promptness.

He's reading a novel right now.

I've never underestimated Hon.

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I can be your friend, Francois.

Vadim sounds like a great guy.

This site is in a toplist. If you found it interesting, please click!

Herb got here an hour before Sidney.

This makes me laugh to death!

Please bathe the children.

Hazel stayed at a very expensive hotel.

Did you make it yourself?

Don't ask me to do that again.

Jane has been quiet and grouchy for the past few days.

Seldom do I forget my keys.

What are you reading?

People don't usually swim around here. The water's not too clean.


Did you really expect Ann to tell you the truth?

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I like pizza.

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She will have the courage to disclose their secret.

He's the one who told me about that.

That isn't the way I heard it.

You like the extreme cold of Alaska, don't you?


The novel was published after his death.

He went back to the village after he graduated.

Japan is highly competitive in high technology industries.

Families want to educate their children and can, in principle, defray the costs with the greater incomes that education generates.

I'm plastered.


Martha was determined to make the football team.

You've been a great help to our family.

Can I come with you?

Has anyone ever told you that you worry too much?

Please back me up!


The boy wants to know the truth.

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Did you let them drive your car?


When he saw her letter, he felt somewhat uneasy.


Did you hear about Brandi's promotion?

When two armies oppose one another, those who can fight should fight, those who can't fight should guard, those who can't guard should flee, those who can't flee should surrender, and those who can't surrender should die.

Chuck has a right to be upset.

We have so much left to do.

The workmen didn't go down into the mine that night.


I often travel.

Joe stole his dad's credit card.

I knew as little about his past as I did about my parents'.

Everybody speaks well of her.

I recognized Jong by voice.

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Don't be afraid of making mistakes when speaking English.

Shel read the sports section first.

Do you want me to try it again?

You're dependable.

The peddler carried a big bundle on his back.

Others prefer to watch sports events than to watch my favourite sci-fi shows.

Saify will be waiting at the station.

Gil noticed Taurus's mistake.

I thought you wanted to come with us.

Is Mr Parker in today?

Tonight was also a windless night.


Their wedding day went unnoticed.

Root and I don't get along with each other.

I talked to her on the phone.

How long are you going to be seeing that loser of a boyfriend?

Many people did not want to believe that this was a fabricated story.

They are frenetically backpedaling.

Please push the Ctrl+Alt+Del key to log on the system.

What is he angry about?

I've actually never played golf.

Heavy-duty vehicles (commercial trucks, vans, and buses) are currently the second largest source of greenhouse gas pollution within the transportation sector.

You have to climb an exhausting 100 steps up the hill before reaching Shankar's house.


The bandits demanded all money in the register.


Mick can't take it any longer.

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Did you hurt your back?


That would be illegal, right?


Now stay there.

If the heartburn continues, take an antacid.

She needed the money desperately.

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I know your roommate.

We're open tomorrow.

Byron has an ugly face.

What did Clara order?

I write poems, but they're really bad.

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We made a promise to meet at school.


I need you to believe in me.

I can not stop crying.

Do you remember what happened?

I passed by four houses.

Anna is the killer.

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Darryl will never forgive me.


You won't be able to do that without me.

He's trying hard.

The engine was seized and the lug nuts were frozen on all four wheels.

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I think you should get a haircut.


The following day he was found dead in the bedroom.


it's utter nonsense what you offer!

There were no seats left for the show.

I've got reservations for lunch.

Michiel's parents are both still living.

Could you open the window?

Who knows when Piet was born?

Stay here a minute.

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I just want to feel your love.

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There's no shortage of food now.

Give me a couple more minutes.

My friend has been here this week.

I don't understand why anyone would do that.

I like this house as it is.


Jerrie apologized for not doing what he was supposed to do.

Do you think Nicolas can handle it?

This was the coldest winter in twenty years.

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We left Boston at 2:30 yesterday.

I intend to help you.

How about tomorrow night at nine?

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I could hardly refuse Marla's challenge.

They're right behind you.

I left my guitar in your office.


Do you need a license to use an electric wheelchair?

Everybody's waiting for you.

If it snows tomorrow, I will build a snowman.


That's why you love me.


You should believe me.

That's a very difficult question to answer.

Thank you for your guidance.


There is a bus every 20 minutes.


This is where Natraj said he found the gold coin.


Let's eat out this evening.

I really don't understand anything.

Hope to see you again next year.