Time is eternal.

Give me a little ice cream.

I barely remember anything.


The message was fake.


I'd like to drink some herbal tea.


My friend George is coming to Japan this summer.


Finally they gave in to their enemy.

The soldier really could not refrain from kissing her.

You're a lawyer, right?

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One of my first acts as President was to establish the White House Council on Women and Girls.


Are you going to kill Hirotoshi?

I decided to go there.

It was an exciting story and he told it well.

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The company couldn't cope with sudden changes.

Do you always do what Brender tells you?

They both want to say something.

Molly and I went to the cinema.

She takes part in many school activities.

I don't have time for this now.

We tell each other everything.

Where is your compassion?

She gave the dog to her friends.

Amos and Panzer used to be best friends.

Oliver thought that his parents, Po and Lowell, weren't setting rules or monitoring his whereabouts.

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He leans to the left side of the political spectrum.


She can understand everything I'm saying.

We just keep trying our best.

I feel morally indebted to her.

You're a sight for sore eyes.

Her words left him uneasy.

He likes to travel by himself.

You must stick to your promise.

Perhaps we should ask a different question.

I agree completely.

It's really none of your business.

Where can I get on the airplane?

Who do you think killed her?

Its conclusion is crystal clear.

We'll talk at dinner.

There are a lot of weirdos at the gym at 4 in the morning. And proudly, I'm one of them.

The lamp went out, and all was black.

Chess helps improve reading and concentration.

I arrived at the bus stop just after the bus left.

I am crazy over you.

Laurianne hasn't cooked the eggs yet.

Kyu is growing a mustache.


Could you hold that, please?


I don't think what Kamel did was wrong.

The others don't want him here.

It is better not to go out of your field.

Maybe I should go with you.

The bowl contains many kinds of candy.

Meeting girls is hard.

The police usually blink at cars parked here.

The president is flying to the city in a helicopter.

No one can figure it out.


I don't think we should rely on Alfred too much.

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Ah! how polite and gallant men are when they're trying to obtain something from a poor woman!

I think you ought to give Sedat a call.

May I see the telephone directory?

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We're all unemployed.

When do I write poetry?

I can live with myself.


His face looks so sad.

Frequently clear and balmy weather deteriorates and it soon rains cats and dogs.

I spent my childhood in Pakistan.

That's the priority.

It was noticed after more than a month that that promise had not been carried out.

What's going on with kids these days?

Let's meet at the station.

Have they announced the court's decision yet?

Don't make a fool of the poor.


I have the file right here.


You're one savvy negotiator.


The boy peeped in at the window.


Whom are you speaking of?

What's important is the result.

I always wondered if you'd come back.

I've run out of gas.

You're mine now.

I felt I had no choice.

"My wonderful wife is so stingy that ..." "You boasting? Or complaining?"

I had a crush on her at the time.

Every time I see him, he is smiling.

It was so touching, I almost cried.

I cut myself with a knife.

Pim likes fruit.

Sharon has denied any wrongdoing.


A good method plays a much more important role in language learning than the vague concept of innate ability.

On hearing himself praised, John was deeply embarrassed.

I wish I could paint like that.

I know what love is.

Thank you for burning my shirt with your cigarette.


Let us also hear the other side.

We gained the top of Mt. Fuji at last.

I wish you hadn't told Fritz that.


Did you ever confront Kanthan?


I haven't been hearing good things about him.

Ravindranath's a friend of his.

We have to keep working.

Life without a credit card is hard.

How much have we saved this month?

The news that he would come, quickly got abroad.

He saw nobody.

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Would you like to sit on my knee?

Rodent has tiny hands.

How long will you be in town?


We go back to Boston next week.


Let's go!


It was unjust.


We share the housework.

Be careful not to fall asleep at the wheel.

The guests arrived in dribs and drabs.

John did even better than was expected.

Refrain from showering or bathing today.

Out in the forest stood a pretty little Fir Tree.

Why don't you go back to the closest city and file your report from there?

He possessed a good memory.

I found out that Kate was wealthy.


Art brings bread.

Thuan's room is quite small.

We could really use another person around here.

It's raining outside.

He's a famous popular singer in Japan.


When does the post office open?

What puzzled us was that he said he would not attend the meeting.

It's really cool here.


What do you think Bill will want to eat?


There was nobody around.

Jakob has offered to help.

You can always tell a man by the kind of woman that is with him.

I find it strange that she hasn't arrived yet.

She made me wait for half an hour.

My hobby is to listen to music.

I'm going to jail.

Get in line.

It's important to be, rather than to seem.

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Why are you protecting us?

If you travel to the US, you'll learn spoken English.

I have an older brother and two younger sisters.

Routine exercise is great for your health.

He took a cab to arrive on time.

Our university usually starts on April 1st.

Danish is the European Portuguese of Scandinavia.

I want to be at home.

It's obvious to everyone that he's a genius.

That story can't be confirmed.

Srinivas and Glenn were married in October.


There is much furniture in the room.

I didn't know what I should say to Alejandro.

The answer is yes.


What's your favorite song in last year's top 100?

I did a lot today.

I walked for two hours in the afternoon heat.

That's so much work.

I don't see why everyone thinks this book is so good.


Apparently, Rajeev told No if she was late again, she'd get fired.


She has an elegant manner.


She was the most beautiful girl on the beach.

Carrying out the plan was easy.

Oliver's knee hurts when he walks up or down stairs.