A good teacher must be patient with his pupils.

The other colonies began sending troops to help.

That's our secret.

I can't stand an awful sweat like this.

Did anybody see you leave?

What color is the bird?

Are you wearing that dress for the first time?

I believe Jarl knows.

Eliot now realizes he said the wrong thing.

He is a thorough-going egoist.

I'll tell them the truth.

You're not as smart as me.

I know how this looks to you.

Syun took one of the shirts out of the closet and put it on.

We make every decision together.

Should I take the picture with or without flash?

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I'm trying to hold it!


The stock prices are at an all-time low and this fact casts doubt on the existence of true competition among pharmaceutical companies.


What exactly do you mean by that?

Dan didn't even discuss the problem with Linda.

Why didn't you tell him?

My suitcase is broken.

In the morning I'm taking the first ferry to Greece.

Our atmosphere contains 21% oxygen, which is necessary for us to breathe, 78% nitrogen, and .9% argon. The other 0.1% consists of water vapor, carbon dioxide, neon, methane, krypton, helium, xenon, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and ozone.

It is not manly to speak ill of others behind their backs.

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Hans slowly rose from his chair.


It is a good habit to keep a diary.

Find a job.

Let's hear what you've got to say for yourself.

Have you ever kissed Miles?

"What happened Grace?" "When I asked Hilda what cup size she is, she called me a pervert." "What do you expect?"

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They want to see how we react.

What was said?

I've been working here for a couple of years.

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Hope of finding the child alive is fading rapidly.

Welcome to Tatoeba!

Sisters and chocolate make life bearable.


I've been looking for a job a long time.


Arlene was happy about it.

Why did you challenge him?

Let's make a break for it.

I think we should try to get a reservation.

I called Janice on his cell.

Why, yes, we should have done this and this, and not have done that.

He has a brother in Tokyo.

As I missed the train, I had to wait for the next one for about an hour.

I have a feeling this will be an even better year!

I'm giving up on it.

Call me at 9:00 tomorrow.

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I'm in way over my head.

The whole world needs to tackle the problem of climate change together.

The animal made a squeaking sound.


That doctor specializes in helping those with eating disorders.

The Russian language is a great thing. It seems that thing is too great for my small head!

Terrance tried to get back in boat.

May I use your car today?

You will need a bodyguard.

That would be a tragedy.

Shari wasn't with us the last time we came to Boston.


The convention voted again.


Alf should stay where he is.

Mother gave the girl a ring.

We shouldn't have told him.

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It's a shot in the arm.


Keep your pants on.

Mother is preparing supper.

Huashi picked up the phone and started talking.

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Samir rushed out the door.


You were very rude to me.

You need to see the doctor. Urgently!

Would you rather wait outside?


I just realized it's much more work that I have thought.

It wasn't that great.

I don't claim that we're perfect.


Praise shames me, for I secretly beg for it.

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Naresh's reaction was the opposite of what Margie had expected.

How did you solve the problem?

The French flag is blue, white and red.

The paramedic said there was no safe way to move Granville.

It should be possible.

I'm not sure why it works, but it works.

No amount of wealth can satisfy a covetous man. All the treasure in the world won't make him happy.

He worked hard to promote peace.

Rex's joke was met with stony silence.

Is there someone here who speaks French?

There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy.

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I had an idea.


Brazil needs more engineers.

The laborer was layed off for 3 weeks.

She's obviously in pain.

Can I at least give you a hug?

There is a white dove on the roof.

I was taught English by a foreigner.

Stop dramatizing.


I think Jesus told Lucius about what we did last summer.

Are you questioning my plan?

He isn't a fisherman.

They say you shouldn't take rumors seriously, but that's easier said than done.

He is going to the concert.

Who is the leader of the group?

The night was an utter disaster.

The outcome leaves nothing to be desired.

He touched her hair.

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Japanese people are fortunate to live in a land with natural hot springs.

Brandi isn't really sick. She's just faking it.

I knew you were sick.

The sledge was so heavy that four men were assigned to pull it across the ice.

I can pay no more than $50 a week for rent.


I'll kill them all.


Felix doesn't care whether Leslie does her homework or not.


Why aren't we doing that?


It's a shame it had to happen here.


Unless there is a miracle, we won't be able to make it on time.

If you would like some help, add me!

Training conditions workers to react quickly to an emergency.

Let's do it at our own pace without hurrying.

He dove.

We are currently experiencing heavy loads on our servers.

My sister and I are about the same age.

What time do you think you'll get to Boston?

Kinch is pleased at his success.

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Being a good actor isn't easy. Being a man is even harder. I want to be both before I'm done.

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I have nothing to wear.

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Did Byron really just say that?

I don't want to go swimming.

Saumya was at a distinct disadvantage against his much younger opponent.

Do you two have separate bank accounts?

Could you please sign the register?

Low-density lipoprotein is bad for your health.

Your way of doing things will have an effect on your future.

I can be trusted.

Do you have something to add?

Our servers are currently experiencing heavy load.

We were all rooting for Barry.

I think Helen is lucky.

Jinny is sitting on the couch.

I will help as much as I can.

We shouldn't make fun of anybody or anything.

I'd like to make a reservation for the express train that leaves at 6:00 p.m.

Henry goes to the market only if Morgan goes to the market.

Yesterday I went to Stockholm.

The house is big.

There is no reason.

Sedovic wants to drink champagne.

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The contract was signed.

You can't seriously expect that they won't recognize you in that disguise. That lopsided, dime store moustache is a dead giveaway!

Yesterday, the man whose daughter works at your company came by.


He turned the doorknob with his left hand.

I bought the really quick popcorn machine as a Christmas present.

He asked my mom.


On an island in the Seine, there is a big church called Notre Dame.

Did anything unusual happen today at school?

When he heard the joke, he burst into laughter.

Ariana Grande is one of the best pop musical artists in the United States.

I thought that was obvious.

Claudio is the only one who loves me.

Lola danced with grace.


Can you recommend anything?

The president granted a general pardon.

Why don't you guys go and find out?


I totally agree with her.

I often get a letter from him.

It'll be hard to convince her.