Tobias called to say he's on his way.

The city has many beautiful parks.

Stay away from him!

Do you get your boss a Christmas gift?

He was arrested as an accessory to the robbery.

Hiking in the Alps means up one mountain and down another.


Hy added both his and Rainer's name to the list.

Are we all happy?

Sanjay is feeling it.

It's never been harder for us to work than this year.

It's a biggish chair, but it'll just barely fit through the doorway.

Bring wine.

This theater seats several hundred people.

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They turned to look at Suyog.

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They experimented with new ideas and ways of living.

They manage to get along without much money.

He was surprised to hear the news.

Jeffery helped everybody.

I asked Wade to take over for me.

We have a low tide approximately every six hours.

How serious is the problem?

Shuvra needs to finish school.

I wanted to talk to you anyway.

He was not invited.

I don't know what you're interested in.


Ping might talk to you.

He responded by giving the "OK" gesture.

Stand aside.

Don't make any noise or you'll scare the birds away.

Next week the electrician is coming to fix the wires.

I don't want to talk.

Don't be noisy here.


I know all of them.


That's not going to help.

Once upon a time, in a land not very different to yours lived a beautiful young woman named Belle.

Willie is a real good guy.

"How do I get to 5th Street?" "Turn right at the second street, go two blocks and turn right again."

It looks like Roy could use a little help.


I don't know if I'll be able to help you on Monday.

I feel comfortable in his company.

How about going for a drive to Lake Yamanaka with us tomorrow?

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This melon will be good to eat tomorrow.

No, my name is not Maria. My name is Theresa.

There's a lot of nature there: a mountain range, a small river, and a great forest.

I've made stew.

He ran into the classroom.

Get off this ship right now.

Special forces are used for special purposes.

She's hyperactive.

Fight fire with fire.


All Aimee has to do tomorrow is go to school.

Manjeri tried to persuade his father to let him go to Boston by himself.

Where can I put these boxes?

Elijah's new play got a warm reception.

No charges have been filed.

Rajesh grew his sideburns back.

When did you start smoking?

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Leung has had one lung removed.

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I am satisfied with my life in college to a certain extent.

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We must make an effort and go deeper into the matter.


My father isn't afraid of anybody.


That's simple.

Maybe your boyfriend will surprise you for Valentine's Day.

It is good to keep studying all your life.


She was moved to tears when she heard the news.


They must abandon the idea.


Her behavior is above praise.

Did you tell Helen he could go see Shutoku tonight?

Do you want me to say that I'm sorry?

What would Olof buy?

I'm from Malta.

Chop the pickled cabbage finely.

He's a sloppy kisser.


He bugged her with questions.

Just as Max predicted, our team lost.

As is often the case with young men, he is indifferent to money.

I'm glad you called me.

Write it down before you forget it.


Willie likes the extreme cold of Alaska.

Miriam is too nosey.

The man gave a big cry.

Ravindran wanted to see Lucius.

I want to ask you some questions about Barbra.


Can't you tell me what it felt like?


Fritz! Are you all right?

Why do you want to meet Cristi?

Tango is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

I've seen the guy somewhere.

"I will do it," said the little mermaid, and she became pale as death.

This is probably the place.

The cat can't do that.


Why don't you think about it?

The sun is a flaming ball.

I liked that comment.

Don't let me catch you doing anything like this again.

He made a determination to be a doctor.

Paul said he couldn't provide any more details.

I hate to see children cry.

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Susumu took heart and, sure enough, on New Year's Eve he was able to hobble along to a party.


Have you ever really been in love?

There's a movie theater on the corner.

He's done it before.


Do you know her address? I'm thinking of inviting her out.

Roxana looked at a snowflake through his microscope.

We have to do the shopping.

Nils hesitated a moment before answering.

We saw a mountain in the distance.

I've made some progress.

Why do you attach importance to this incident?

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I want to wait for Laura.

The thing speaks for itself.

The meeting finished thirty minutes ago.

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That is how it happened.

I've come to take what's mine.

Mitchell asked how much we had paid.

You are good at literature.

Lenny doesn't have a sister.


I have two siblings.


I find it hard to focus.

What's the golden rule?

The committee consists of four members.

Johnnie didn't want to let Christie go.

I just saw them driving away.

Not all cops are crooked.

I would not have known him.

That's not OK.

She hard-boiled the eggs.

Win hurdled the fence.

If it happens to rain, the garden party won't be held.

You never know what will happen tomorrow.

Kiki wore this.


I wasn't supposed to survive.


I'll go find out where Lukas is.

I know I can make a team.

Have you ever seen a monkey?

We're not going to do it.

He cannot fix his attention on anything for long.

Are you here alone?

Americans may regard shy people as less capable than those who are not shy.


I thought you wouldn't be so busy.

I don't think Betty liked the concert.

Did Alexis find the person he was looking for?

They stayed in the hotel where I am a receptionist.

God, you're beautiful.

The fierce pounding of the waves during the storm washed tonnes of shoreline into the ocean.

I'm too old for this sort of thing.

With great pleasure!

How long have you been in here?


I wonder who did that.

Is this not a good time?

Susanne's constant nagging really got to Joel after a while.

How much money did you give Geoff?

Oh yeah, I remember that.

Ofer will cook for you.

I've really got work to do.

He didn't like school.

Does it sound familiar?

That's not something I want to do.

Grabbing him by the shoulders, she shook him and yelled, "Snap out of it!"

I'm looking for someone who can speak French.

Don't keep me in suspense.

The first point that requires clarification is that the design was purely experimental.

They stayed awake all night.

Jinchao began fixing himself a drink.

The news traveled all around Europe.

I have a flight to catch.

I paid a matter of fifty dollars.