Are you really afraid to be in the same room with Pandora?

I don't want to debate this.

You aren't making sense.

Why don't you just do it anyway?

They're running late.

Almost everyone I know can speak French.


He is off duty today.

Was he Doyle?

Louiqa didn't build the doghouse that Dalton wanted him to build.


I only eat meat about three times a week.

She plays World of Warcraft.

Will you make an appointment with Mr Ito?

Just a moment, I will come right away.

That's awesome!

Speak of the devil.

My family is not very large.

Those were the days!

I have good eyesight.


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Stefan understands Olaf.

Be home before dark.


You remind me of someone I used to know.

What are you sitting around for?

Kristi married an older girl.

We are too weak to obediently follow our reason.

Bret's muscles tightened when Vice touched his shoulder.

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Could I use your phone?

My father often takes me to baseball games.

That's pretty low.

The gravity of the moon is one-sixth of that of the earth.

Don't expect anything to change.

Kate took careful notes on the history lecture.

Is it all there?


What's your best guess?

Meat contains proteins.

How did you convince them?

They won't do that.

Loyd is in the clubhouse.

Margaret stayed at my house for three weeks.

Will you help me pick out a tie to go with this suit?

John put across a big housing project.

I should give you a chance.

Something needs to be done about this right away.

Tareq was always in charge.

Alright! Listen up and listen well!

Diane evidently was here early this morning.


Monday morning I was bitten by a dog.

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Meehan was the only guy in the class.


Why don't you do what Olaf asked you?

I see a clock, but I cannot envision the clockmaker. The human mind is unable to conceive of the four dimensions, so how can it conceive of a God, before whom a thousand years and a thousand dimensions are as one ?

Renu waited for Morton to call.

The animals run.

I loved working here with you.

He has gathered an army of lawless criminals.

Bill didn't work hard enough and so he failed.

Three men menaced him with knives.

The soil here is fertile.


I noticed you didn't finish eating your dinner.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Alright, Sir. That will pretty much do it.


I'm pretty sure it was Amanda that I saw.

Please make sure that the conference room is clean.

Lisa is aware of all this.

It's a dangerous world.

That used to belong to her.

Kaj is never going to wake up.

What's not right?

She has few friends.

She married my brother.

Learn these names by heart.

Don't forget to bring your lunch on Saturday.


I do not like his inflated poetry or his vacuous comments on literature.


The smoothing trowel is a tool for plasterers, tilers and masons.


I was bitten in the leg by that dog.

I love it when he kisses my lips. No, my cheeks.

Why did you leave out the first question in the exam?

I thought I had that problem worked out.

Christofer tried to buy Raghu's silence.


I am grateful for people who help me understand.

This smells great! What are you cooking?

I'm intrigued by your challenge.


Some people listen to music when writing, but others say it hampers their productivity.

What I regret now is, rather, that I wasted time.

Many people are unable to comprehend the actions of hackers.

The sun suddenly appeared from behind a cloud.

Kanazawa is a quiet city.


Don't speak to me like that!

Karen began praying.

There are some boys in the park.

Just stay objective.

Alastair was my closest friend.

Good people can be found anywhere.

Which one of them is mine?


My grandfather breathed his last on that night.

If your company primarily does business with America, then you should be studying English with a native speaker from America.

We'll be done in a second.

He doesn't dare to say anything.

Who says I'm afraid of you?


It is likely to rain tomorrow.

Well, my friend, it's called modern day slavery.

Protesters tried to disrupt the meeting.


A submarine can travel over and under the water.


Knowing what will happen is more important than knowing what has happened.

That took much more time than I thought it would.

Tad can read the International Phonetic Alphabet.

How many people are currently working for you?

I'd like to make a collect call to Japan.


We're trapped.

Siping told me what he wants.

You shouldn't have come here to begin with.


I don't want to eat right now.

His classmates' jeers reduced him to tears.

Daniele and Knapper competed together in the three-legged race on sports day.

This maneuver was improvised.

Son, don't be foolish!

The dog stopped barking.

However, if he is brain-dead, he will never think, speak, or hear again.

Do you remember the first time you kissed me?

There are many people living near us.


You're in for a bumpy ride.


I need to speak to either Bart or Amanda.


Colin isn't only friendly, he's also generous.

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Kristi can't use that.

I don't have an explanation.

She never wears green.

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So, when is it convenient for you?


The country's civilization has advanced.


You should've talked to Frederic first.

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We talked about everything.

May I begin to eat?

Low-density lipoprotein is bad for your health.

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Catherine would never forgive us if we did that.


We're amazed by the rapid growth in import quantities.

He is exactly like his father.

They believe Jane honest.

Alfred was gunned down.

I'll answer my email later.

Jun and Dori competed together in the three-legged race on sports day.

You're normal.


How deep?

The snow has melted away.

This camera is Tarmi's, isn't it?


Who says change is good?

If you are too shy to ask, you will lose your way.

Who has keys to this lock?


Swim across to the other side of the river.

She's very worried about you.

The United States fancies itself the world's freest nation.


Mr Suzuki is a great scientist.

I became a lawyer to help people.

I know what they're capable of.


Don't you ever call him?

Everybody says that.

Oh, you must be good at sports.

The whole building was deserted.

The moment he saw us, he ran away.

I am thankful for the holidays.

We tried our best to help Barrio.

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It's very gratifying.


The house has three stories.