Welcome to the Coaching Tree

The Coaching Tree is an alliance of independent Certified Professional Co-Active Coaches (CPCCs). We are passionately dedicated to your success as you evolve through coach training and certification.

Why Coaching Tree?

Because we understand what it's like to get started as a coach. Most coaching schools don't spend much time focusing on how to build a coaching business. At the end of their training, too many coaches are left asking, "Can I make a living doing this?"

We developed the Coaching Tree in response to what we wish had been available when we were in your shoes. Our primary mission is to help you avoid wasting time and money re-inventing the wheel.

How We Support You

Whether you're a coach in training, certification, or you're a veteran looking to expand your skills, we're here to champion your success. We provide our clients:

  • Business Mentoring - We help you establish a coaching business and learn how to enroll full-fee clients so you can use your training to begin earning a living as a coach
  • Strategic Technology Consulting - Our in-house technology resource will help you develop a customized strategy for an online presence that's right for your business, including selecting appropriate partners to make it happen
  • Core Skills Reinforcement and Certification Coaching - Your coach will serve as both role-model and guide as you hone your coaching skills, and will provide a sounding board for individual issues you face as a new coach
  • Expert Certification Exam Preparation - Available independently or bundled with one of our coaching packages, our certified coaches provide unbiased, objective and highly qualified feedback as you get ready for your exam

Discover how partnering with an alliance of experienced CPCCs will enrich your journey to becoming a masterful coach. 8645624608 to set up a Complimentary Strategy Session.

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