Jesus couldn't decide what he should buy for Nanda.

So, how long have you known Lukas?

I trust my instincts on this one.

The couple took a horse carriage that evening.

I used to keep a diary every day when I was young.

Volkswagen was supposed to be the car for the masses!

I should've known you were behind all this.

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Pinocchio understood that the boys had played a trick on him.

Lar was green behind the ears when it came to defending himself in court.

I'm anxious that my daughter should succeed.

Jordan bought me a new surfboard.

We should all reflect on this point.

Do you want to take a break?

We've been working on this.

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She snuck out the house without him knowing.

Ralf has been to Boston twice.

While staying in Tokyo, I came to know her.


He was in charge of the fundraising efforts.

Susan opened the door to see what the weather was like.

I think Ramanan is in his office.

We study Chinese.

I'm unarmed.

I wish I'd planted more lettuce this year.

I have a lot of patients who are older than me.


I saw them the other day.

The two cars collided with a crash.

The province supplies its neighbors with various raw materials.

There's a good chance that he'll be chosen.

The flower comes out in early spring.

Mr Hashimoto was puzzled by Ken's question.

It seems that his father is a lawyer.

You're too little.

Do you really think that Tai can help us?


Having read the book, I could answer all the questions.

Mitch made Guy go there alone.

I have an old car.


I'll always love you.

Have you been spying on me?

How much money do you think Owen makes?

I couldn't stop myself from longing for her.

Ernie is upset about this.


He is as happy as a king.


You should beware of overconfidence.

Liz is beginning to cry.

I can't do without coffee at breakfast.


Spass came pretty close to getting hit by a truck.

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The United States had no commercial treaty with Britain.

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Blake looked at the horse.

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No U-turn!


Vice was in no hurry to get married.

There won't be any more problems.

Can I come over?

Rodent moved the flower pot to the left and the secret door slid open.

Do you still have the notes I gave you?

The spacesuits have visors to protect astronauts' eyes from the bright sunlight.

Who wouldn't become enamored now?

He's very strong.

She will come soon.


I hear the grass is green even in the winter in England.

I've got to get some money somehow to repay the bank loan.

Keith isn't so dependable, is he?

Mother prepared lunch for me.

My nephew works as a computer engineer.

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I only need one thing.

The real estate broker was lavish in his spending in Ginza.

There's a body in the trunk of the car.


It looks like the data you lost on your computer is irretrievable.

Jane is doing her homework.

When does Janice usually get up?

Thanks for telling me what needed to be done.

He went for a walk with her this morning.


Is that the best you can do for Svante?

Rand will probably be reincarnated as a squirrel.

She imposes on her friends too often.

At 2:00 a.m. he finally found the solution.

I've arranged for your arraignment in one hour.

Try to lose weight by jogging.

According to a survey, three in five people today are indifferent to foreign affairs.


I almost got hit by a car today.

We have plenty of time.

He was as naked as the day he was born.

As time goes on, grief fades away.

During one session of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, an average of eight laws are adopted.


Conceited people take it for granted that they are superior to others.

I just want to visit him.

This guitar is so expensive that I can't afford to buy it.


It's the rainy season in Japan right now.

I want a complete list of your books.

Edwin is sensitive to the cold, isn't he?

I felt a touch of pain in my head.

I'm the one who got beat up.


He belongs to the camera club.


We have very strict guidelines here.


You must employ your capital well.

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She will trust you.

You don't need to tell me your real name.

My daughter likes to play with dolls.


You'll lose.

Your French has improved considerably.

I guess we can manage that.

The snow melted away when spring came.

His constant complaints aroused my rage.

Tomas tried to hide his tears.

I'll take the deal.

The architecture... I don't really care about it. I just want a comfortable study and comfortable bedroom.

All human beings are legally equal.

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There's a full moon tonight.

Don't hit me with the umbrella!

Muriel is living poorly off of her part-time job.

That blonde girl with curly hair is from Sweden.

I know what it is, Fred! I know what it is!


I thought a bunch of people would go water skiing with us, but absolutely no one else showed up.

I can't do what you want.

Yesterday it snowed.

We have some unfinished business.

They'll like it.

Whether you pass the Chinese exam or not, let's go to the bar to drink beer.

The storm blew up.

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Ray married a girl who couldn't speak French.


That was my first visit to Japan.

We've come a long way together.

Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.

She was absent from school because she was sick.

Is there a washing machine in the house?

Harold and I looked at each other and smiled.

When it got dark, the party organizer said: "Time to go".

Switch off the light. I can't get to sleep.

Carolyn asked Wilson to help him do his homework.

She was raised by her grandmother.

Two weeks of heavy rain resulted in flooding.

Things stayed the same.

A big day awaits us.

This still applies to him.

The ship is under sail.

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So boring was the lecture that he fell asleep.

How is life?

Our project fell into the water.

Christmas is a good time to market new toys.

I'd like to see both you and Izchak tomorrow.

Let me get you something to drink.

I gave your car.

It will be very hard.

Is there any place in particular that you'd recommend I visit while I'm in Boston?

Instead of slapping him in the face, she spit in it, and walked contemptuously away.

Irwin eats at least three bowls of rice every day.

Loyd left me a surprise.

Debbie can't handle this.

Why don't you do something useful and get me some coffee?

You'd be crazy to stay.

Let's go for a walk.

Tell us why.


This is the first time I've ever found a coin purse.

I'll hold onto this.

In order to use a computer, you must learn to type.

I will go along with you as far as the station.

If you were forced to sign it, the contract is invalid.

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You're acting strange tonight.

His story can't be true.

Lum asked me who had arrived first.

There is a cat under the bed.

I told you what I know.

I'd like some plum jam.

I'm physically exhausted.

Thirteen passengers were hospitalized.

I punched him in the face.

I hope you'll change your mind.

Seeing me, the dog rushed up to me.