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  • Summer’s here and I’ve noticed two obvious mindsets on what teachers and kids should be doing with their time: Work Mindset Teachers should be participating in professional development, expanding their PLN (Professional Learning Network), and learning a new technology. Students should be participating in scholastic-driven camps and taking online courses or using educational apps to […]
  • Stressed about what to do with your kids all summer? We have you covered! These 7 boredom buster activities will have your children entertained for hours! We even threw in a little STEM. Don’t worry, you do not have to have any prior STEM experience. The activities are: LED Simple Circuits Marshmallow Toothpick Structure Challenge […]
  • The end of the year is here and it’s time to learn about the human body! Whether you are looking for “filler” activities post exams or are looking to teach new material, I have you covered. These lessons include labs, data analysis, scientific articles, and more. Blood, Heart, and Blood Flow FREE Lesson on blood, […]

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