Neckmike - Communication made easy!

Today, plenty of people have to live and work in noisy environments. As a result, they find it hard to both hear and be heard when communicating through mobile devices, as well as risk damaging their hearing. The international, multi-patented Neckmike Headset has solved this problem. By combining a neckskin-microphone, placed on the user's neck instead of in front of the mouth, with HiFi, in-ear headphones, we have developed a user-friendly product that's already been bought by tens of thousands of customers.


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Brickowner is a property crowdfunding platform that lets people invest directly into property. The platform provides investors with the ability to diversify their investment over multiple properties and offers people a route to get onto the property ladder.

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Only Chefs

The restaurant sector (alone) advertised 20,000 chef vacancies last year and forms part of a hospitality industry that contributes more than £40bn to the UK economy via 180,000+ businesses (restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars). Despite a much publicised chef shortage, 35% of businesses that make up this entire sector expect their workforce to increase in the coming year.

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Djenee: Your personal digital concierge

You’re pressed for time and have a zillion things to do. We know that. That’s why we built Djenee, to be your personal assistant that makes anything happen, any time of the day and anywhere you want.

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