We're going to have to do this again.

I won't be able to visit for a while.

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Let's cross our fingers.

I love spending time with you.

I think what you're looking for is in the back of the closet.

I just don't want to go shopping today.

Sometimes it's too late to apologize.


They picked Mariou's argument to pieces.

I eat an apple.

You kept nodding off during that lecture, didn't you?

My uncle died of cancer.

I'd come here again.

Are you doing this for money?

Suresh asked her husband to grow a mustache like Harmon's.


Unemployment rose sharply.

How have you been sleeping?

Did you get us something?

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We bought Ragnar an expensive umbrella.

The new model will be priced at $12,000.

Once on a time there was a king who had an only daughter.

I'm going to Boston tomorrow.

Nanda laughed at the joke.

That guy is walking pigeon-toed.

I had my picture taken.

Rathnakumar told me a lot about you.

Please get them.

That's all you need.

The accident damaged her car's front wheels.

I answered no.

He turned up an hour later.

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You're falling in love with me, aren't you?

Eileen is probably still alive.

It annoys me if you speak your American English without opening your mouth.

No, I don't think Hamlet was actually mad. Whenever he is alone with Horatio, he's sane enough.

I'm going to go change.


Not a little money was lost.

Leave the book where it was.

He meditated on the problem of good and evil.


Buy a hedgehog and you'll be happy.

Just give me the car keys.

Please get Lindsey.

Don't make a scene in public.

The fire's blazing nicely now.

I'm taking her home with me.

I have bad breath.

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We like people who bravely tell us what they think, as long as they think the same what we think.

Technology has given us immense power.

Once the word is out, it belongs to another.

He reads detective stories on occasion.

We should grab lunch.


The youth of our country is indifferent to politics.

Mum! Don't compare me with Sam!

Which language would you prefer to use?

Ramesh bends over backwards to make Dominic happy.

This is what's happening.

They skied all day long.

What do you say to making a trip with me during the summer vacation?

I couldn't fall asleep.

Joel plays the guitar.


We can take the elevator.


This is too small a house for us to live in.

She told the child to eat up the food.

He's not my boyfriend, it's just platonic love with benefits!

Shona has wavy hair.

If you eat shaved ice very fast you will get brain freeze.

Are you worried about the promotion?

Do you have any museum guides in Japanese?

Bush respects the Geneva Convention.

You haven't shown this to anyone else, have you?

When was the last time you were on a date?

It was a beautiful marriage proposal.

We abhor violence.

Is Indra with you now?


Sassan and Vilhelm came to an understanding.

The old church is located in the northern part of the city.

Thanks so much for coming.


I wonder where Louis went to college.

He never lets his beliefs get in the way of his actions.

That's the hotel.

I have two dogs and I try to feed them each the same amount of food.

It's a real challenge.


I will have finished the work by eight o'clock.

Arthur had to read the sign on the door three times before he understood it.

Rina is in the home economics club. Her main activity is dressmaking.

He doesn't know anything about politics.

When did you tell me that?


Penny believes he has a very low carbon footprint.

We've done enough waiting.

You almost had me.

You promised you would come.

Benson baked brownies.


She finally managed to get a hold of her old friend.

I can't wait to go home.

I can't wait forever.

Let's make it brief.

Who told you I was Canadian?

In 1683, the Turks besieged Vienna for the second time.

The country declared war against its neighbor.

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We should set a trap.


I thought we'd worry about that later.

What if I say "no"?

The race went down to the wire.

That was pretty scary.

Marilyn is the one I told you about.

I'm going aboard.

We've forgotten something.

The church is situated on the edge of town.

There were no objections.


Where were you when all this happened?

She believes you.

In spite of all the cooking shows I've watched, I'm still no good in the kitchen.

They believed that.

The old man told the children an amusing story.


Kevin told me not to tell you anything.

You will be able to buy this only there.

Barbra reached for his drink.

There's just one problem here.

I'm very worried about my future.


Can you just give me a minute?


Cindie needs to get medical attention.

Does anyone have some liquid paper?

I arrived late for the celebration.

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Now, let me answer your question, please.

Nathan was holding a pen in his right hand.

This is because their jobs are secure.

Yes, that's normal.

She slept late and missed the schoolbus.

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You're really confusing me.

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She wanted to have a family with him.


Can you speak Indonesian?

Unexpectedly the weather forecast came true yesterday.

Konrad decided to go to Boston to study music.

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I got a little upset over it.


I call the computer "Tim".


Can you spell "Massachusetts"?

The lion bared its teeth even further.

We know little about her personal life.

Jared took a picture of himself and sent it to Jagath.

I don't think it's her.

Most race horses are thoroughbreds.

I had bought it the week before.

Coleen didn't think it was quite fair.

That's fine by me.


Kuldip took a beer out of the fridge and handed it to Sanford.

They asked me to open the gate.

I'm sick of your crass hints.


I love you both.

I tried to escape.

You're never late.

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I have got a letter from you.

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I appreciate it when a native speaker tries to help me sound more like a native speaker.

The chimney began to give out smoke.

Police are warning people not to leave pets and children in cars in today's excessive heat.

My brother is working at a gas station.

I need not have watered the flowers. Just after I finished, it stared raining.

I like watching movies in French.

The money we offered them was obviously not enough.

What's the difference between a religion and a cult?

Sunil was anxious.


Did you see my sister?


Sanjib plans to stay with us when he comes to Boston.

Why haven't you gone to the police?

Myrick didn't have to say or do anything.

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Rich jumped at the offer.