Let her talk.

If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha.

There's one left.

I'm sure Ramsey is quite sincere.

Should I call for an ambulance?

Stop worrying and get some sleep.


Andrew beat them to the punch.


They gave no heed to the warning.


Tango lives with a small boy in a little village.

She played an important part in this project.

Tell us what you know about Tyler's problems.

You've cut my hair too short.

Not knowing her telephone number, I couldn't call her.

We still have some details to iron out.

Beverly brought Ralf a small gift.

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He turned out to be innocent.

Do you know who Jess is?

I thought it was something else.

Julie sat in the first row.

My computer crashed and I lost everything.

Are you with us?

Pratapwant couldn't decide whether to go or stay.

You can't really figure out whether someone's a decent person or not based on their clothing.

Let me say what I will, he doesn't mind me.


Bricks can't be made without straw.

Does it sound familiar?

She laughed the way schoolgirls do, with her hand over her mouth.

Tanya doesn't have to go back to Boston until tomorrow.

I would have you apply yourself to your studies.

I followed all the rules.

Rebecca sang at church.


The frost has melted, the sun is shining, it promises to be a beautiful day.

It didn't get that bad.

The minutes pass by.

Could you please pick Shigemi up for me at the day-care center?

The Golden Horde wreaked havoc and death all around Eurasia.


I inquired at the school only to find there was no student by the name of Yamada.


Many buildings in New York don't have a thirteenth floor.

That doesn't smell like something I'd want to eat.

Ai and Mariko are close friends. They go everywhere together.

I saw him with my own eyes.

We don't need to go to school tomorrow.

I often watch night games on TV.

In the past it was thought the world was flat.


Brandy is very perceptive.

The Diet broke up in confusion.

The crown is the symbol of kings.

Do we have a chance?

Are there enough chairs for everyone?

I heard Edmond was hurt.

If you could only see the twisted fantasies that wander about in my head...

Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists, unless laughter could be said to remedy anything.

It's started raining.


As usual, the physics teacher was late for class.

Do they have time for everything that needs to be done?

Where was he born?


Is that all of them?

I'm on your side.

Wayne is carefully stacking the boxes.

You should keep clear of that side of town.

I can tell you don't like it here.

Alan always has a smile on her face.

We were surprised when we saw him in the office this morning.

Deirdre should be back here by 2:30.

The student who finishes the examination first does not always get the best grade.

We'll come back.

You think you can toy with me, but I don't play games.

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It's a difficult question.

Return Native Americans their ancestral lands.

What should he fear, who doesn't fear death?

They watch PBS.

I just left Manny.

Glenn is quite angry.

He has a sufficient income to support his family.

Look what I can do.

Hsuan is a good dancer.

Did you ski yesterday?

You look hot today.

Women are all the same.

Son thought Ronni would know where John was.

My life is complete.

Hitoshi is too drunk to drive.

The ship flashed a distress signal.

It is good to get up early.

See, what I have done there?

I think we should tell Gordon.


How many stamps do you have in your collection?

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Yes, I'm afraid so.

We were afraid that we might be hit by a bullet, so we ran downstairs.

Renu and Sofia decided to split up for a while, so they could each think about whether they wanted to stay together.

Be my guest!

I like pretty things.

I can't permit this to continue.

I've been fairly busy.


I'm going to name my dog Cookie.


Somebody has to talk.

You need to be careful when you're driving a car.

Clare wasn't at school yesterday, was he?


But that's absurd.

I think you did a good job.

I don't like to go out without a coat on such a cold day.

The baby was quiet all night.

We tried them all.

You're quite mistaken.

The witness did not seem nervous when he spoke at the trial.

Catch a signal.

I don't think Real would approve.


Boys are more aggressive than girls.

Nobody else would help Siegurd.

I forgot to stick a stamp on the envelope.


Set the table at once.

Roy says he intended to go shopping.

Naoto came back just as I was leaving.


I really don't want you to do that.

I have a lot of homework to do today.

The clock gains five minutes a day.


This soup needs more salt.

We've been married for thirteen years.

Dawson threw the ball to Spy.

Is this gift Laura's?

That's unlikely.


Wolf says Justin is cute.

One listens through ears.

They are loading oil into the ship.


Has this happened before?

Celia wants to believe it can be done.

Let's give it to her.

Which train goes to the center of town?

I'm all packed and ready to go.


It looks like you had a tough day.

Spike doesn't have enough time for a cup of coffee.

In order to be loved, be lovable!

Janos never knew his parents.

What I need is to have a friend.


He's a very healthy person.


I editted one.

She said I am the one, but the kid is not my son.

Yes, I'll have sherry.

No one was listening to Sandip.

The problem is that we don't have a lot of money.

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I've always tried to do the right thing.

Huey is suspicious of Europeans.

There on the top of a high mountain they built a small town of their own and lived in peace.

I pulled her by the sleeve, but she went on talking unconcernedly.

Why do we need an open source movement on the web?


Tiefenthal and George will agree on that.

She's here to protect you.

I am to blame.

There's no sugar.

We'll do this together.

Cathrin's reached a point in his life where he has to make some pretty important decisions.

It is important for us to choose good friends.

We'll ask Liber and see what he thinks.

I just fired him.

I asked first.

It was shining in the sky.


I wasn't competitive enough.

The Japanese are generally considered to be very industrious.

I read jokes almost every day.

Do you think I did this?

Mt. Fuji was very fantastic.

Turn that frown upside down.

There's no more room here.

I've seen that movie many times, but I'd like to see it again.

Solid water is called ice.

I would like to buy a present for my wife. I thought about a scarf.

Switzerland is called "Schweiz" in German.

Kim was still alive.

That cloth feels nice to the touch.

It is merely an ornament.

Cigarette smoke fouls the air in a room.