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I've come here before.

You are a dog.

I love sucking the marrow from the bones; it's even better than the meat on the bones.

For starters, I want to eat a little bit of cake.

Over the course of the next few months, we'll see what happens.


Learning and cherishing data are not just the domain of Jewish people.

Josh died for her country.

What you said made me angry.

They will ask you about the party.

The problem's being looked into as I speak.


He did it willingly.

She praised him for his honesty.

I saw them all.

You'd better consult an attorney beforehand.

Is everyone here with the CIA?

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Have you ever seen a UFO?


It's actually not that difficult.

If you want that water pistol you'll just have to save money and buy it yourself. I can't constantly buy toys for you. I'm not made of money.

Her concert was unreal.

I need a hot chocolate.

He disguised his sorrow with a smile.


Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.

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No further action will be taken.

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I wish I could speak French the way Hohn does.

Kirsten's car is in the driveway.

I like what you've written.

The water came up to the bridge girder in a second.

Boyd can never remember how to spell my name.

Why are you crying? What's wrong?

What are Ssi's main achievements?

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Marc told Sonja she was seeing other guys.

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The deadline is approaching.


She's sometimes late for school.

There's something very strange happening here in our house.

My family problems aren't all that important.

I can't agree with you as regards that matter.

She is well-liked by everyone.


As usual, Mike turned up on time. He's very punctual.

Did you really have to do this?

The level of the lake dropped.

Are you seeing anyone?

This place is a maze.


His lectures are very long.

And also the gym uniform is still gym shorts, isn't it? I wonder why.

I received an invitation.

Let's just get rid of Pia.

Deborah doesn't like to speak French.

Murat and Sehyo just got married last year.

Vance is very gregarious while Sabrina is quite antisocial.

Ronald could hear Gale singing in the shower.

He is old enough to drive a car.

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Look out for pedestrians when you drive a car.


She decided to go shopping by herself.

They won't find her there.

All I want now is a little sleep.

I had to wait 20 minutes on the phone before reaching the customer service rep.

Do you want to stay here all day?

His daughter, as well as his son, was famous.

What is your favorite TV program?

There is a statue of the teacher in front of the school.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?


How did you like the play?


Were you going to the railway station when I saw you?

This toilet paper feels like sandpaper.

The new trade accord will pump fresh blood into the international economy.


Two is a couple, three is a crowd.

Pyramid scams depend on the recruitment of new investors to participate, but the numbers of people who must join to support the expanding pyramid grow so quickly that the pyramid inevitably collapses.

I never understood what you saw in that boy.


Dawn studies French every day.

Why should I care about him?

Don't let the thief run away!

Well, why not?

Someone's going to hurt me.

I don't want a birthday party this year.

Because it's difficult for the Chinese to learn Esperanto.


I go to Boston every chance I get.

Ask Rolf and he'll tell you the same thing.

The bedrooms are upstairs.

Where are you guys?

I study a lot harder than I used to.

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Here's Japan's flag.


They decided to get married the next month.


Is she any better today?

Hello, I'm Nancy.

When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.


A cheetah can run as fast as 70 miles per hour.

Clarence added Old's name to the list.

The dogs chased Tareq through the woods.

This apartment is too big for one person.

Where is the Swedish embassy?

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Hui has never seen Walter smile.

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You've lied to us, haven't you?


We have to start.

Evelyn can both speak and write French.

Do what your mother says.

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Look at him. He doesn't deserve that.

I'm feeling sad for Melanie.

Vincenzo lowered his gaze.

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An eaglet can fall out of its nest before it learns to fly.

Panzer is a total wreck.

Cris has confidence in Vern.


France is separated from Italy by the Alps.

Resolving a differential equation means finding the functions that satisfies it.

This car is always breaking down lately.

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It seems like a good plan.

Did you guys quit making music?

Our section chief always makes a face at me when I ask him for something.

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I always thought Hiroyuki was a complete idiot.

Are we cool yet?

Teruyuki loves cats.


Labor created man.


Seth released his grip on the door knob.

Mom, I don't want to go!

You always complain about your housing accomodations. You know you can't bring your "palace" with you when you die. You're mortal. Housing is temporary.

I wonder when the party's going to start.

Tor had a heart tattooed on his arm.

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Kieran has always had a big crush on you.

Our school was established in 1951.



Which language are you learning?

The boy has complained of headache for three days.

Looks like it will snow tomorrow.


Is this plan feasible?

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Derek loved the book Tareq gave him.

I told them to send me another ticket.

It's nice to feel needed.

The Japanese are as hardworking as any people in the world.

Can you meet me at nine o'clock on Saturday morning?

That one is an expert of bombs.

Mariou is the one you should be talking to.

Go get him a blanket.

I am confused.

Debi isn't very talkative.

ALS slowly destroys the nerves and muscles needed for moving your body.

Those jets were faster than lightning.

Is it really worth it?

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Take your notebook and take notes.

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My brother's six years younger than I am.

Let's bake a birthday cake.

We haven't found him.

They are all wearing uniforms.

Shouldn't you be talking to Nanda?

He never breaks his habit.


Please fill in this application form.


Brendan seems old.

The woman stands before the library.

Where is the Red Cross?

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It's been raining a lot.


He plowed the field.


Himawan is living with his family.


The vacant stare of dolls' eyes has always creeped me out.

Louis XVI was executed during the French Revolution.

Werner is really pretty.