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We're shocked.

Europe looks like a paradise now.

You called?


Sometimes the nights are cool.

Only animal products contain cholesterol.

Cathryn asked her friend for advice.

What subject do you think he is interested in?

They're leaving.


You sure run fast.

We're glad you're back.

Sharan tied his shoes.

The report turned out to be false.

Thomas's wife is still alive.

You need to be more careful next time.

Cut the potatoes.

What could I have done better?

There is very little probability of an agreement being reached.

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He judged it wiser to remain silent.

Sofia wants to let it go.

I just want to help you.

They expressed their indignity at the claims.

I like autumn best.

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Do you think we should import rice from the U.S.?

You have no idea what happened, do you?

Spencer must be imagining things.

She was my only joy.

Hirotoshi plunged to his death.

How long does the spring break last?

I don't even know what that is.

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I fastened the box tight with a rope so that it wouldn't break up.

You need not have worried about her so seriously.

It's about time you get an oil change on that car.

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How's the teaching life?

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When was the last time you helped your wife?

For the first time in my life, I found myself all alone in an unknown city.

Mahmoud said you needed a job.

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Balashikha is a nice city 20 kilometres east of Moscow.

When does spring start?

I'd advise you to mind your own business.

I can lend you some money if you need some.

Will you place your call again later?


I'm in no hurry to do that.

Do you have a girl?

I got up earlier than usual in order to catch the first train.

Shakil wanted Elvis.

Trials can teach us many things. And much more than simply words.

We are busy people.

Urs came at dawn.

All of us students like baseball.

Why will I forget to write to my family?

It's rare for me to get invited to parties.

Is today your birthday?


I speak Portuguese fluently.

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They say that he was very poor when he was young.

She was charming during dinner with my parents.

Dean retweeted Arthur's post.

This pasta is very healthy, in it you can find lots of vegetables!

Hume will be in Boston for a week.


We have less than five minutes to evacuate the whole building.

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Damone would like to have a smooth skin.

She may be waiting at the station now.

Are you ready to play?


I used to like Boston.

Mobs broke into stores looking for food.

I have things to do tomorrow.

He may well be said to have been a fortunate man.

I just wanted to look at you.

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It's nice and cool.


The game is about to begin.

Do you know what time they came?

He arrived here just now.

Watch Stacy carefully. He's dangerous.

Die slowly!

Hilda ought to show more respect to his grandfather.

I'll tell you if you help me.

I have a certain amount of free time.

My sister went to Italy to study.

I was thinking about you a lot today.

I feel alive.

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The chicken has already been eaten.


You probably just have a cold.

I'm taking care of it.

She is a prophetic figure.

We need to protect him.

Who hired us?

Time is changing.

Spring brings warm days and beautiful flowers.

We're still waiting for you.

How can I meet this quota?


Do you speak French well?

At that time, white bread and meat were considered a luxury.

Deal in top of the line of goods.


Let's sit in the shade.

Elvis won't be in time.

I can't stand being laughed at in public.

Put the potatoes on the stove.

Tareq punched Dennis repeatedly.

Do me a favor by switching off that radio.

Wisdom does not consist only in knowing facts.

I cannot pass this exam. It's very difficult.

Clyde still isn't sure.

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Hey, that's a good idea.

What's your favorite Anime character?

Do you understand English?

The announcement brought him to his feet.

It was an advantage having learned Chinese while I was in school.


I was made to drink.


Hughes took the blame for their mistake.

I think Alexis enjoyed doing that.

Let's have Kevin decide.


The phrase "make a bee line for" expresses the look of how a bee heads straight for food with speed and energy.

This is a common occurrence.

Izchak put on his helmet and then got on his motorcycle.

Take that off your head.

I want new business cards.

Canada has a cold climate.

Annard has an unlisted phone number.

Get over here.

Many people worry about paying their bills.

There is no need to worry about funds.

I thought that you already knew about this.

She played the heroine better than I.

I'm better off here.

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Hirotoshi is getting exasperated.


The plans for the company outing don't sound too exciting.

He made me his own assistant.

Hein and I both like sailing.

The bathtub is dirty.

Varda told me that he'd never let me down.

I have a deep affection for her.

You should learn to restrain yourself.

What did you decide?

Just don't give up on Tim.

How much does this hat cost?

I have been busy lately.


Change trains at Tokyo Station.


Did you see the lunar eclipse yesterday?

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I would like the least expensive one.

Yes, she'll be with you in a minute.

He promised me to come early.

She indulges in tennis all the day.

You have something in your pockets, don't you?

The class I have the most homework in is English.

Your letter crossed mine.

How do I stop them?

Tomorrow, he will land on the moon.

I wish my uncles were men of millions.

Kuldip wrote the report all by himself.


You speak French really well.


I won't let you hurt me.

Someone is going to get hurt.

Stop fooling around!

They're in math class.

He acquainted me with the change of the plan.

Sanche pawned his wedding ring.

Daniel is an experienced dental assistant.

You got scared, didn't you?

It is common for people to wear wool hats in winter.

I gave them some money.

Mann can't stop Dick from saying what she thinks.

I gave Pete your address.

No need to explain.

He likes reading the Chinese book his father wrote in America.

An international crew, typically consisting of six members, resides on the ISS for approximately six months at a time.


Connie wants me to do this now.

We'll pass that on.

The cold is terrible this year.