It's surprising how many unhappy marriages there are.

I think Carole would tell the truth.

Honesty is a virtue.

Ten to one, he will succeed.

Santa is one of the three men that came here yesterday.

A category 5 hurricane causes maximum damage.

It should be vetted through a well-designed testing process.

I have ears and eyes where nobody has them.

They booted him out of school for not studying.

Just outside the City of Simple Simons, there is a blessed field called the Field of Wonders.

I'm a big fan of your work.

He looked for every possible means of escape.

She was a Smith before her marriage.

How could I have possibly known that Nathaniel would run away from home?

The students discussed the plan for many hours.

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The man was given a life sentence.

That's the meat of a hen.

Just because you can't see ghosts, it doesn't mean that they're not there.


The results were conclusive.

I met her by accident.

My husband thinks I spend too much money.

Why don't you write Real?

Jon won't do that.

Kari says they need more time.

I shouldn't have run that red light.

I want to see your bed made.

Their employees live in.


Who gave you permission?

Sharan bought Neville a diamond necklace.

Sheila was indecisive.

Can I have something to eat?

Kit explained to Jayesh that the joke relied on a double entendre.


She kicked me in the balls.

Don't touch these.

I took one.

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In accepting the money, he lost the respect of the people.

Ellie is very feminine.

The girl who works at the bakery is cute.

Stop listening to propaganda.

The idea of getting ammonia-powered household appliance inside my house doesn't attract me a lot.

I used to take a walk every morning.

We have far better things to do with our time.


It's difficult choosing between what's right and what's wrong, but you have to choose.

Don't give up English.

Lol, this is so funny.

Do you find this interesting to translate?

There was nothing to say.

Blondes aren't dumb.

I'm doing everything I can.

Stay and have a drink with us.

Of all the languages I've studied, French was the most difficult.


He's always moving around.

I'm only an immigrant trying to protect the English language from its native speakers.

The boy is standing in the living room.


I touched them.

Won't you come and see me this weekend?

I'm not counting you.


Shuvra plays computer games for hours on end.

His overwork brought on an illness.

Filling out all these forms is a pain in the neck.

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Sylvan felt very sleepy.

She has been prescribed medical cannabis to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.

Why are you out here all alone?

Bruno is a hunt-and-peck typist.

Masanao did what he could in the short amount of time he had.


Let's just let sleeping dogs lie.


The crowd erupted into laughter.


Are you dating her?

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Herb couldn't do anything about it at that time.


When I was a kid, I loved the film Jurassic Park.

I didn't understand him.

That's not even an option.

When did you take the exam?

When I was a kid, I used to think that fairy floss and clouds were alike.

Time has come to admit that hard work and hope are no substitute for actual knowledge.

We're here for the day.


Secure your own mask before helping others.


She has a bicycle.

I know you did your best.

Thai is an interesting language.

That student raised his hand to ask a question.

My friend was not at home yesterday.

Why would I kill your dog?

Kiki's head was smashed in with a crowbar or something similar.

I cannot eat any more.

I refuse to discuss the question.


I'm good at that.


I went skiing at Zao last winter.

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Tao is tired of dealing with Vice.

Marci knocked again.

You're popular.

It's hard to tell her anything.

Should I bring him with me?

It seems like her style.

Eric doesn't want to talk about this anymore.

Alice has tried to lose weight.

Well, I have class.


Only if you study hard will you be able to get into university.

I hope you're feeling better.

Gill held Jacobson tightly in his arms.

That's not what I told them.

Are you questioning my plan?

Is it OK if I go out with Russ?

Nothing remains but to die.

She changed her behaviour in last two years.

Language learning is like the number system; it has a beginning but doesn't have an end.

This street is closed for transports of dangerous goods.

Kinch, hurry up.

We both need more time.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

So far, nobody's laughed at any of Luis's jokes.

Randell just asked me to take your temperature.

You'll recognize her.

Do they work here?

Gabriel has lots of money.

This squirrel is hibernating.

I needed the money.

This is kind of embarrassing.


I found what you were looking for in the trunk of my car.

I can't talk to them.

What does your spouse like to do that you don't like to do?

Why did you let him go?

I've never felt that way before.

Maybe Blair was really as busy as he said he was.

I have a vague recollection.

Being cut from the team doesn't mean that you have no talent.

Jerald realized that Janet must be seeing someone else.

You must get to know her.

When was the last time you withdrew money?

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We're Canadians.

Kamel hired Dimitry for the job.

Can you make out the hummingbird by that bush?

The students gathered at the call of the principal.

I have high blood pressure.

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Dalton was very frightened.

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The boldest boys in the square used to fasten their sledges firmly to the wagons of the country people, and thus drive a good way along with them.

The hair is short!

Who was that terrible man?

I figure it's because when I'm driving around, my zip code keeps changing.

Are you an Ethiopian?

I'm going to clock out early today.

Someone told me recently that hairspray is good for killing spiders.


He saw the girl.


Are you really as old as you say you are?

This bamboo is too thin to bear much weight.

I need to make a phone call.

Have a seat.

He had the good fortune to be rescued from the burning building.

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Loyd was surprised when Glenn asked him out on a date.


This stove uses kerosene.

Spock scored five runs.

You should make as much effort as possible in whatever you do.

Adam is our enemy.

I didn't even know what that was.

I don't make deals with people like you.

He angers us with his comments.

Cary wouldn't be pleased.

Who was the first one here today?

I feel sad every now and then.

We must give it time.

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The old man was hit by a car and was immediately taken to the hospital.

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Ravindran is a math-geek.

You will be allowed to use this room tomorrow.

I have time if you do.


They left him for dead.

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Don't worry. I'll talk to Curtis.