The d25 Monitor

Get better reports and more information out of your Instagram campaign with your personalised Artificial Intelligence


The Power of the d25 Monitor


Analyze Image Content of Instagram with your individual AI


Powerful by AI

Identify content on images with the help of artificial intelligence.


Completely new Data

Extract data, like gender, emotions or age demographics


Highest Security Standard

Servers are located in Germany, so we can ensure high data security

Get the latest News

The easiest way to build and configure your Artificial Intelligence

With the d25 Monitor you can see what people post about you!

Upload a minimum of 50 images via the upload function at your user dashboard. 

Choose between different options for data extraction, including:

∙ hashtags
∙ amount of people present
∙ gender, age group, emotions

Many more options available.

After a period of training, the d25 Monitor can be used to analyze all public Instagram posts.

Every month you will automatically receive a report answering all the questions you asked for. 

Two ways to use the d25 Monitor


Plan your Campaign

The d25 Monitor can analyze your target audience by setting a hashtag und search for metrics, like gender, emotions or age demographics.


Analyze your Campaign

After your Instagram campaign the d25 Monitor analyzes all images with your product and gives you all data you set before.

Lift your Marketing Analytics to a new Level

The d25 Vision is bigger

We aim to provide a platform where everyone can build their own AI. Choose between a pre-trained or self-training AI. In addition, all AIs can be combined with each other in our innovative pipeline concept. 

Ready to use

You don’t need any deeper tech-knowledge to build & train your individual AI. Choose from one of our ready-to-use products like the d25 Monitor and start using it. 

Developer friendly

With our d25 platform, you don’t need to be a Data Analyst to create and use your own AI. Use our SDKs to integrate your AI Solutions directly into your App, Website or Server, just with a few lines of code.

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