This site features information about computer help services I provide and my blog. I am a former softwater test engineer with a brief experience in IT support and system administration. I am currently based in the Pioneer Valley area, near Northampton, MA. For a more detailed bio, please go to LinkedIn: 5192573790

I am back in school part-time studying for a cybersecurity certificate to transition into information technology with a focus on security. In the meantime, I have been helping people of wide age ranges with their computer needs. If you have a general computer need, whether small or big, I am happy to help you. As I am back in school and just starting out, I can help you at very affordable sliding scale rates.

You can email me at  or call me at .

My friend Eric and I are in the process of starting an IT solutions company. Once we have it set up, I will update this page with the link to our company page. Thank you for visiting.

Some examples of services I have provided:

  • Taught people how to use smartphones and computers. If people had questions about how to use certain programs and websites, I helped them and produced documentation for them to keep.
  • Improve the security settings of people’s computers and online accounts such as Facebook and Gmail.
  • Helped a professor learn how to use a new survey analysis tool provided by her school so she could analyze the data and generate reports.
  • Fixed and upgraded computers. Some problems I fixed include re-installing operating systems, fixing MS Office misconfigurations, and removing malware.
  • Fixed networking and printing problems.
  • Researched and recommended backup solutions, programs to meet specific needs, and new computers.