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Rapidly Visualize Call Record and Geolocation Data



Live Playback

Easily view your geolocation data on the as it occurred making it simple to view the target’s travel patterns.


Built-in Mapping

Visualize your CDR, RTT, Nelos, AU, and GPS data directly within the application. No need for external applications to produce the mapping you need.


Multiple File Types

Upload various data sets from multiple vendors as well as generic GPS data and display them how you want.


Compound Maps

Quickly and easily overlay records from different phones and vendors on the same map at once.


Shapes & Markers

Create custom shapes and markers to define pertinent locations or other relevant details. You can also edit your imported data at any time.


Save Time

CERES can literally plot thousands of records in the time it takes you to do a couple manually.


In addition to support for call detail records from the major carriers CERES also can plot GPS data from other sources allowing you to visualize your data simply and rapidly.


Whether you get 1 case a year or 10 a day you won’t find a more affordable solution.

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Unlimited Cases