I thought it might be fun, so I went to Bjorne's party.

I'm sure Jackye will like this wine.

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I think we should keep an eye on Metin.


He is pleased with his new car.

Kimmo wanted that.

It's a lot to think about.

We should all stick together.

It's always darkest before the dawn.


What kind of law does he practice?

This book is suitable for your needs.

I think I'm going to be here on Monday.

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That would be a better idea!

A sleeping child looks like an angel.

In this jewelry store there are some pretty earrings.

A committee of congressmen has arrived.

You have really good handwriting.

Good health consists of proper eating and moderate exercise.

Carsten was killed someplace else.

I borrow books from the library.

She has large breasts.


Are you free after school?


Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.

Pieter's talking to himself.

Take one for the team.

The tall woman wears jeans.

The orbit around Sirius is elliptical.

Are you saying that's true?

Agatha is staying home today.

Please tell her to leave.

He ate the apple.

Nobody seems to know where Mayo is.

That's too expensive.

Those in attendance numbered in the dozens.

I'm beginning to feel a little sleepy.


They're having a going-out-of-business sale.


I have friends there.

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I was married.

Pat killed three enemy soldiers.

I can't tell you what a disappointment it was that Barrio didn't win the race.


It matters little what kind of books one reads, so long as one has sound judgement.


Their job is to close the store.


We can prepare to offer you a special discount of 5% for the STL#3456, on condition that you place an order for more than 15 at one time.

Could you come to my quarters?

Remember to turn out the lights.


There's nothing more I can do.

Chairs and tables were damaged.

This is more than exceptional.

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I shouldn't have invited Chet to the party.

I am as tired as you.

We delayed the meeting for a week.

I think she will come back soon.

His debts amount to over $1000.


Erwin will meet you at the station.

Who taught you to speak?

Have you been nice to Floria?

We may never know what happened to Kaj.

I know he is sleeping.


I have lot of work to do before then.


I need some get-up-and-go.

When you have written your name, write the date.

Scientific knowledge has greatly advanced since the 16th century.

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I gave him one of those.

Four drawers can be found in my desk.

Have you found the umbrella which you said you had lost the other day?

"I fell in love with you, not Maria." - "Why have you not let me feel that?"

I'll find it sooner or later.


The trouble is that we do not have enough money.


Jaime doesn't seem tired at all.

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We have to call him.

Come and fight with us.

I don't know how much those two bikes cost.

The car raised a cloud of dust.

It wouldn't be safe to go there by yourself.

Tricia knows a few guys who work at that factory.

He raised his hand in order that the taxi might stop.

I need money to buy other things.

I recommend Maui.

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Alan helped Granville clean the house.


Our solar system is always in motion.

Celia frequently talks in his sleep.

Have you hidden anything?

You guys make it look so easy.

Were you popular in high school?


Stephe heard Kolkka's car drive off.


I want to know exactly what you did.

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I've known it all along.

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He died because he fell sick.

The bridge crashed under the pressure.

What was Brandy called?

I never saw it coming.

I don't want to lose you again, Tomas.


Lucifer realized Beckie was unhappy.

I'll leave the second or third of next month.

Marcia made noise.


There are many rooms.

You owe him the truth.

What do you want from me? Are you out to get me or what?

"Can I have it back?" "No."

I wish you would stop that.

She rejected me.

There are lots of things we've got to fix.


Do you have a letter opener I could borrow?

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It didn't take you long to get here, did it?

What am I missing here?

In winter, night falls quickly.


He chose to take the stairs rather than the elevator.

Lea couldn't look after himself.

This is the only book I have.

Which do you like better, skating or skiing?

I am going to a concert next week.

I got cold last night.

They stood calmly and listened to speeches.

Victor was exhausted when he got home.

Everyone but Eugene laughed.

You need a plan.

Dean took a picture of the blackboard with his smartphone.

I think I just heard somebody scream.

Can you remember the first time you saw Case?

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Have you ever been to an opera?

The pain shoots into my right leg.

"Did he kiss you?" "No, I kissed him!"


I am not sure when he will be back.

Tory dies.

Let's do only one thing at a time.

Division by zero is a big no-no in mathematics.

In American football the defense has a specific job.

The medicine hastened the process of growth.

Ray paid for the shirt and the salesgirl put it into a bag.

A few minor mistakes apart, your writing is good.

This beer is bitter.

I don't know if I understand exactly what you're trying to say.

I had an amazing experience.

Why doesn't the moon fall down?

At what time is sunset?

The store is closing at 7.

Tommy didn't really do what he said he did.


We're here on urgent business.

Don't go back to sleep!

Adlai slammed the door in Earl's face.

Many workers were laid off at that plant.

I am glad to see her.

We enjoyed the party very much.

Do you have a spare key?


I think he needs to alter his lifestyle.

She has always had problems with the circulation in her hands and feet.

Not my problem.


Please be careful of gales and large waves.

I raise a variety of roses in the garden.

Oh no! It looks like (someone) is crying

These articles are "hors taxes".

Your English is grammatically correct, but sometimes what you say just doesn't sound like what a native speaker would say.


I have no choice but to eat what they serve me.

We eat here.

How many museums did you visit?

I don't want to play tennis this afternoon.

That's when I decided to quit talking.

She named all the flowers in the garden.

Boston is the kind of place I want to live.


Damon knew you'd try to talk him out of going.

Fuck. I'm about to come already.

We haven't seen each other in thirty years.