Save 45% on Energy Usage with the T5 LED Tube Grow Light

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      • This LED works with any fluorescent T5 fixture. Plug-&-Play
      • 45% less heat. 45% less energy. Same amount of light.
      • Made in America with Free Shipping and 50,000 hour lifespan.
      • We’re so certain your T5 LED Tubes will last that if it burns out in less than 5 years we’ll replace it – free of charge!
It’s a fantastic lightbulb, very bright! Only one bad thing I don’t like is that the bulb will sag in the middle. If they can fix this in the future these bulbs will be even more amazing. The sag does not seem like it is hurting anything just looks a little unsettling I guess. It may bend the connectors on your fixture overtime. I really don’t know. Other than that the light bulb is fantastic. I will buy more. – 4 1/2 stars.
Julian FifeExperience Level: Intermediate
Easy install, little or no visible difference between the t5’s they replaced. – 4 stars
Scott ConolyExperience Level: Intermediate
Quality is great. From the minute I put it in I could see the difference. – 5 stars
Michael CressottiExperience Level: Intermediate
I ordered and replaced 2 regular t-5 HO lamps in a 4 lamp fixture. WOW! What a difference in light output. – 5 stars
Cynthia JonesExperience Level: Expert

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Transcend Lighting is a mission driven technology company working to make indoor agriculture more sustainable. Supported by Y-Combinator, the premier Silicon Valley Incubator, we are already saving hundreds of thousand of watts every year. We have a portfolio of IP that enable some of the world’s most advanced horticultural lighting.

We want to make indoor growing more sustainable. By replacing your 54W fluorescent T5 lamps with our LED T5 lamps you can reduce your consumption by 45%. There is no re-wiring – just swap out the fluorescent for the LED. They LEDs emit the same amount of light but operate much more efficiently.

Operating efficiently has a lot of benefits. One of the best is saving money. Each lamp can save enough energy in one year to completely pay for the upfront cost. The LEDs are designed to last for 50,000 hours and have a full 5-year warranty. Every T5 LED you use will save hundreds of dollars compared to a fluorescent.

Running efficiently also reduces heat output. More electricity is converted to light and less to heat. This means you will reduce you HVAC costs by more than 45%.

The LED T5 was designed from the ground up for photosynthesis. This means that we deliberately tailored the output spectrum for growing plants. This is one of the key benefits of Transcend Lighting’s LED technology – each and every LED emits exactly the right color. We don’t mix LEDs creating a pink light – we precisely emit exactly the right color photons to grow your plants.

The lamps are tested to the highest safety standards and are UL, cUL and CE certified. They are RoHs and don’t have any mercury, cadmium or lead.

The lamps are both designed and manufactured in the USA. Every employee at Transcend Lighting is paid a living wage and we support our local economy.

Commercial farmers around the country are using thousand and thousands of our LED T5 lamps. Come join them in your home and save energy while growing fantastic plants.