Words cannot express it.

When did Mr Suzuki leave Japan?


He has great belief in that doctor.

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Israel's right to exist should not be up for discussion.


Keep an eye on the child for me for a moment.


The new international airport really put Narita on the map.


I don't have a girlfriend anymore.

For centuries Cracow was the capital of Poland.

This is the first time I've ever got on a boat.

Does this cat belong to you?

I am looking for accommodation.

Is there any place around here where I can rent a bicycle?

Would that I were young again.

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He could barely speak.


I found Jane delighted at the play.

My dream is to be a firefighter.

I didn't know that you were sick, so I didn't visit you in the hospital.

I want to warn him.

It was mandatory.

I wish you'd told me the car was out of gas.

Jos assured me that everything would be ready by the time we got there.

The time will come when he will regret this.

She gave me permission to use her dictionary.


"Is he alive or dead?" "He's dead."

This is a matter of great importance.

We want a room for four nights.

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Nobody told me what time I should come.

I finally passed that test.

Chen is a teacher.


Jon jumped out of her seat.

He put the phone down.

She tried to lift the box, but found it impossible.

That seems to work.

Keisuke is taller than I am.

I can't afford to go to school.

Bonnie's enthusiasm is infectious.


She was annoyed to be kept waiting.


His terrible suffering aroused her pity.

What do you hear?

Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday.

I learn by reading books.

Maybe I can have this done by next Monday.


This problem bristles with difficulties both psychological and economical.

I've already read some of what you wrote.

I don't think it's strange at all.


After a while, the protesting mob became disorderly.

Could you tell me how to get to Grafton street from here?

Gene hasn't sent the package yet.


I'm telling you something's going on.

They want to see how we react.

What is he so angry about?

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Now move on.

I know that I don't know.

The bridge is being repaired.


Merat doesn't need to be at today's meeting.

How is the family doing?

Did Alain eat this morning?

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Clarence didn't have a chance to get out.

James Cook was a British explorer.

It is difficult for me to handle the case.

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Prices raise from day to day.


Have you ever even seen a firefly?

Can you name one of their songs?

That's all over.


I didn't get the meaning.


Greenland's melting is accelerating. By itself, the full melting of that country's ice sheet could increase sea levels by over six metres.

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In a pinch, a vegetable peeler can act as a zester.

What are you going to do about this?

Make the best of your opportunities.


Hello, I'm Lucifer. I run things around here.

You will see fearful shapes in darkness, and wicked voices will whisper in your ear, but they will not harm you, for against the purity of a little child the powers of Hell cannot prevail.

That was odd.

I should've anticipated that Seenu wouldn't get along with Hirofumi.

It was not my fault.

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Give me a reason to stay.

Matthias found Horst repulsive.

Perhaps that's something I can help you with.


You need to get some exercise.


You can buy and read any kind of book at any time.

I disagree with this completely.

This is all hypothetical.

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Harris only listens to B-sides.


As the ISS orbits the Earth, both the vehicle and crew members are in a constant state of free-fall causing astronauts to experience a feeling of weightlessness.

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Could I see you for a moment?

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If you want to become a good writer, you need to practice writing.


He did not eat anything yesterday.

"Is he coming?" "No, I don't think so."

Michel says that he'll wait.

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I would like to do a course in Arabic.

I'm busy getting ready for my trip.

You never told me that you were married.

You're not a millionaire.

You should've apologized to Manuel.

I just want to make one final point : you're fired.

I've had a lot of work to do lately.

One thing should not be forgotten: a program cannot think.

It's important to understand why.

Someone was coming!

You're the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

I don't think that's what you intended to do.

Do you have any drinks?

They replaced coal with oil.

The term "baby shower" is silly and confusing.

The poor man finally became a great artist.

One failure followed another.

Polyphemus, son of Neptune, had only one eye in the front.

He built his son a new house.

I gave him, not just advice, but also an airplane.

Let me have a talk with them.

Don't forget to send that letter.

Everything that they did was for us.


Not knowing what to do, we telephoned the police.


There is not enough bread for so many thieves.

Thank you for your business. Please come again!

Audrey isn't doing what he's supposed to do.


Werner didn't know when Connie's birthday was.

I jumped into the water as in a trance.

This isn't going to be good.

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You do have a point there.


A strong army protected the city.

At last, she was able to contact her old friend.

I'll take good care of him.

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I admit it.

The section chief accepted the offer.

Is there a shop at this zoo?

It seems that he was late for the meeting yesterday.

You're part of the gang now.

Long time, no see.

Russ is the best basketball player I've ever seen.

Aid agencies find themselves dealing with a potentially huge humanitarian disaster and are struggling to cope with the unprecedented crisis.

Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase.

She kicked her boyfriend out of the house.

This is what we want to know.

You close your eyes.

What is it now, Kathy?

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What can we possibly give her?

I could help them.

I can't see what the two of them are doing, but they are making a lot of noise.

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The dog chased the cat up a tree.

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I never want to retire.

He spoke German with me.

Cathy stopped picking flowers.

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He, who thought he was leading, is lying motionlessly in a wooden box, and those who were left behind, realising that he cannot be of use anymore, are cremating him.

Sergiu doesn't like looking in the mirror.

So, we all have time, because with no exception all of us live in the present moment, in the now.

Cristina said he was thirty.

I never thought I'd do that.

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To a willing person, injury is not done.

I'm going to the cinema.

Has Leith ever been to Australia?

In his heart, Jeanne knew that he would never return.

Don't be a wuss!


I have no idea where I left my keys.


Shean doesn't know how to drive.