Fine, have it your way.

I wonder when this program will continue till.

Harv appears to have achieved what he set out to do.

Actors are used to appearing in public.

Jakob always tries to set a good example for his children.

Juha is quite outspoken, isn't he?

Kent is looking at Patricio.


I'll make some pasta.


Pratap says not to worry.


I asked them the same question.


Does your head still ache?

Do you think Stanley can handle it?

Amanda doesn't love her husband.


I can't lose weight.

I'm too busy to go.

Carlo has been to many places in and around Boston.

The fact is we don't know what's going on around us.

I am often compared to my older brother.

Kathryn and Mehrdad didn't tell anyone that they had gotten married.

Hurf is a great warrior.

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I thought it was worth a try.


The doctor did everything he could.


I'm sorry I was so rude.

It's one of the best books I've read in years.

Simon stayed in Boston for the summer.

Television shows violence, which influences, above all, younger people.

Are there any good seats left for tonight?


It's important to know one's limits.

Do you know Debbie by sight?

Where does that bus go?

Mohammad has done a lot for our company.

We can always ask Spudboy for help.

Why are you out of breath?

Is Natasha a common name in Russia?


They plan to evacuate all nonessential personnel from the embassy.

How glad I am!

He didn't take an umbrella with him.

The tourists as well as local people come to the square for shopping.

I want to run for governor.

Let me give you a hand with that.

We've been trying to keep it a secret.


Kemal Tahir narrates the occupation days of Istanbul in 1920s in his book named "The People Of The Slave City".


The hospital there is not huge.

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As a matter of course you must go there yourself.


I must send for the doctor.

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Do what you think is right.


Let me tell you something strange.

None of the students have arrived on time.

Did you read the book I gave you?

Tell the truth and shame the devil.

They will have a good laugh when they see you like this.

No, it's the tomatoes.

I'm glad that you've found a job.

How kind Kate is!

It is easy to love, but hard to be loved.


I remember everything.


He's a real prick.

I lost my balance on the muddy road.

I got a parking ticket.

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Are pike edible?

I have all suits made to order.

We wanted to go back to Boston.

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The men's room is on the right, and the women's is on the left.

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He spoke of the people and the things that he had seen during his trip.


"Aha!" they would say.

I like your attitude.

The army of the Gauls was conquered.

This is my favorite time of year in Boston.

The price shown in this advertisement only includes the frame.

There are so many anti-smoking campaigns these days; maybe smoking really is a threat to the public order.

This dish is delicious.

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Traffic on the street was really terrible.

She looks like a boy.

It's prohibited in most countries.


The police surrounded the place where Hugh was hiding.

Why don't you meet me at 2:30?

Now I begin to understand.


The book is black.

Who told you where my office was?

That particular person would run.


Juliane's arm must be amputated.

Trying can't help wondering whether he would have been better off if he had gone to college.

We close at 2:30.

She has been going out with him for about two years.

After reading his books I feel I can construct a house.

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He is completely clueless.

There were a great many boys and girls in the park.

How is the week going for you?


It's already happened.

The teacher illustrated his theory with pictures.

Do you consider yourself to be a lucky person?

I won't wait forever.

He heard coughing.


Do you want me to quit?

Every sentence in that book is important.

The gaunt policeman had a bolt-action rifle slung over one shoulder.

What a brilliant idea!

When she entered the room, he got to his feet.

Flying from far away, from the other side of the sun, Little Venusian is arriving to visit our planet.

"Will you buy it for me?" "Buy what?"

Sandy pointed to the broken headlight.

I feel like dancing in the fields.


After an uphill struggle against great odds they finally got the company on its feet again.

I was barely able to work.

Art had better get out of here.

How long has she been sick?

That'd be cool.


I saved one.

I believe that you have a key role to play here.

I ate late last night.

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He won the prize for excellence in all subjects.

Magicians jealously guard their secrets.

I know that nothing lasts forever.

Where should we meet tomorrow?

They have an open relationship.

He took part in the race.

My mother likes our neighbors not too much.

Isabelle often eats breakfast by himself.

We need to buy some dog food.

The Law is harsh, but it is the Law.

What's next on the schedule?

Should I go?

I know I left it somewhere down here in the basement.

You are working too hard. Take it easy for a while.

Vidhyanath is trying to pick the lock.

Our education system needs to be seriously revamped.

Helen is always at the top of her class.


I've never heard that before.

The world economy will not recover anytime soon.

It's incredible that you could write such a well-designed program after just picking up programming by imitation.

But my absolute favorite is not there.

Ricardo is a good teacher, isn't he?


They have a round table in the living room.

Belinda doesn't have to prove anything to me.

They're weird.

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I want to sign the contracts.

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He was perplexed.


We won't hurt you.

I hated Erwin.

I'm thinking of embarking on a new career.

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Nikolai lost thirty pounds.

I'd like a raise.

The student center is a good place to strike up conversations.

This should becalm you.

We'll furnish you with everything you need.

He could do nothing but watch.

Shuvra is washing his car.

This book will give you great pleasure.

Let's ask ourselves why.

I never want to do it again.

His prediction might come true.

Are you going to kill us?

Roast chicken is one of my favorite dishes.

Could you rub some suntan lotion on me?

If we're not careful, one of us is going to get hurt.

I have a lot of articles to translate.

I gave tree candies to every child.

Dana gave me what I needed.

I feel I could've done better.


I'm completely deaf.