If you're a merchant with an online presence, you've seen what fraud can do to your bottom line.



Fraud Genius is simple and safe to use. Designed for your needs...


Immediate Cash-Positive Results

Fraud Genius pays you to use the service... at least that's what it feels like.

Fraudulent Credit Card Payment Detection

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What is a Fraud Score?

Fraud Genius works with your eCommerce website to derive the trustworthiness of online credit card transactions. With the Fraud Genius fraudulent payment detection systems in use, payment fraud risks are distilled into a easy-to-implement 0 to 100 scoring system. Giving you, the online merchant, the freedom to decide...


Designed for your needs, our secure order evaluation application programming interface (API) does not record customer personal data that may impact your company's credit card processing PCIDSS compliance...
Ecommerce Anti-Fraud Systems

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Merchants pay for online fraud, not customers and not credit card companies. Chargeback fees combined with refunds and lost merchandise impact your bottom line...