Software Development and Design Visualization Services

Software solutions focused on Design/CAD automation.
Photorealistic renderings and animations of your CAD/Engineering data.

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I code.

It makes the computer do things you want.


C++, C#, Python, Web design...anything goes.

I've written a number of CAD-centric plug-ins as well as other standalone utilities and tools to automate customer in-house processes.

I render.

It makes your 3D models look real.


Working with any kind of 3D Data, I can visualize your product designs through CG renderings and animations to help you market, sell, and pitch ideas.

Check out some samples in the portolio section below.

I teach.

It helps you render/animate yourself.


PhotoView 360, SOLIDWORKS Motion, and rendering with Modo.

Remote, on-site, or creation of videos. I tailor the training around your actual design files, not some generic samples that ultimately don't apply to what you're doing.




html360 is a SOLIDWORKS plug-in that allows you to easily create dynamic turntable-style animations of your designs that users can interact with in any web browser.


SOLIDWORKS plug-ins to enhance your PhotoView 360 experience.

Find out more at the dedicated 9723539632


Example renderings.

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Whitehall Digital, LLC is owned and operate by me

Ron Bates

I bring a diverse skill-set to any project that comes my way. Creativity balanced with logical thinking, along with a “get-it-done” attitude, I produce high quality renderings, animations, and customized training and software solutions to meet your business needs.

You get a well rounded professional “Software Creative”. A very deliberate teacher, I’ve presented on graphics and rendering at SOLIDWORKS user group meetings.