David is handsome.

Have you spent much time in Boston?

The elephant walks on as the dogs bark.

Hey, I have an idea.

Sato's high voice and mannerism are pretty effeminate.

Spanish, Portuguese and other foreign conquerors had massacred South America's Indian inhabitants at an average rate of roughly "one every 10 minutes".


I asked Diana to drop me off at the train station.

They found out it was way the very same house, so they went to the Movers to see if the little House could be moved.

To San Francisco, please.

We sailed in a boat on the river.

I'm looking for the Hilton Hotel.

There's a revision of her work.

He has dishonored the family.

We've had a lot of bad luck.

Nikolai and Dwight took turns standing guard.

You should've asked them first.

Klaudia is exceptionally good-looking.


What do you call this flower in English?

Phill was already here.

We are going to the shop.

I would like to travel abroad in company with my colleague.

Copying is bad.


Tell me the truth.


There was a violent tremor during the night, so I was scared and couldn't sleep very well.

You have much to learn.

His pessimism depressed those around him.


I made sure to not let her do such a thing again.

They headed westward.

Daniele was a fellow student of mine at school.

I can help you stop smoking.

This is the hottest summer we have had in fifty years.

Kris certainly seems happy.

I sure hope you're wrong.

On election day, voters chose Nixon.

On my way home, I met him.


It looks like it already happened.


Don't interfere with my work.

If you read this sentence, you will become blind.

No, you have to make a connecting flight in Chicago.

I work and always labor very much.

I'm not so brave.

It wasn't much of a fight.

This problem is in his field.

I work at a language school.

We're all students.

I am a French doctor.

Meg looks just like her mother.

She devoted her life to music.

Is it happening?

Show me your papers!

That sound is annoying.


The manager reprimanded the man who was pounding on the table.

Theo was such a happy person.

We are brother and sister.

Barclays manipulated Libor.

I'm going to have two pieces in her gallery.

A couple of flights were delayed on account of the earthquake.

October was a busy month.

I can't cook.

All of the balls are yellow.

He is eating.

I'd like to buy you dinner.

Kiki was stealing money for the last two years, and Konrad knew it all the time.

I am sorry to have missed the TV program last night.

This girl is from Japan.

There was a storm.

That sounds sensible.

Syd and Ernest want to know what's going on.

As soon as the play was over, the Director went to the kitchen, where a fine big lamb was slowly turning on the spit. More wood was needed to finish cooking it.

Is Sicily very close to Malta?

Rob suggested that we wait here.

The mind's greatest good is the knowledge of God, and the mind's highest virtue is to know God.


This smokestack is releasing greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

Go home and relax.

Don't touch this!

"Let's split the bill." "I don't think so. This date was your idea."

I know that you put your best effort into it.

Bring your swimsuit.

John named his hamster Cookie.


It was cold and we got a fire going.


I wish you wouldn't say those kinds of things about me.

I wasn't looking at you.

You must be more careful about spelling and punctuation.

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Jayesh offered Susanne his beer.

We calmed down.

If it were not for my family, I would give up this job.

I drink five cups of coffee a day.

The tire factory employs 250 people.

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Spain ruled Cuba at that time.


My waist size has recently increased. I guess it's middle-age spread.

You will soon get used to the climate here.

You don't get something for nothing.


I'm clumsy.

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Hands should be washed before significant contact with any patient and after activities likely to cause contamination.

Melinda and I are on our way home.

I want to hold you.

Howard and Dimetry have their ups and downs in their relationship.

I've heard this song before.


Lonhyn looked just like his picture.


How do they put up with you?

He needs you.

Lorien straightened up his bedroom.

We're going to have to have our house painted soon.

Are you really that naive?


"Do you mind if I use your phone?" "No, please go ahead."

Why don't you make up for the lost time?

Teresa didn't know what to do with the extra food.


Do you think Keith will forgive me?

I can't pick this lock.

He betrayed us by telling the enemy where we were.

What's Marshall's profession?

"Where are my shoes?" "They are under the bed."

His father had died of cancer 10 years ago.

The time will come when you will regret it.

Learn from others' mistakes.

She is obstinate.

In case you see him, give him my regards.

I'll find him myself.


Maybe Malcolm wants to sleep a little longer.

Lenny painted a good portrait of his mother.

Jane has been doing her assignment.


It sounds like he is going to Kashgar.

I don't think there's any point in discussing this.

Kaj had lunch.

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Jelske probably thought I wasn't going to be here.

I remember playing with magnets in kindergarten.

Sangho is clumsy with words.

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"When does Ross start?" - "He is in the thick of it. With him everything happens quickly"


I have an important project I'm working on right now.

You must miss her a lot.

I'm sure you and Indra will be very happy.

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This is a middle eastern country.


Such was his courage that he feared nothing.

She was tired. However, she tried to finish the work.

What should I eat for lunch today?

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He cannot be saved.

The price reflects the demand.

What is not clear is not French.


You must avoid making such mistakes.


He pressured me.

Oranges are a good source of vitamin C.

Roger got into his car.

Dori's self-absorbed and rarely asks Pratapwant how she's going.

He pretended that he was a lawyer.


She has even more books.

I've already done my homework.

I found him lying on the bed.


Had it not been for your raincoat, I would have been drenched to the skin.

And they all lived happily ever after.

I'm so glad you suggested this.

Are you here on business or for pleasure?

We all saw him!

I couldn't control my tears.

We bought some tennis balls.

She feels very shy in the presence of the opposite sex.

Please continue with your story. It's really interesting.

Bring me a moist towel.

Jean-Christophe always had to do everything himself.

I might be able to help him.

It doesn't seem to me that they are sweating.

How long does the trip take?

Does anyone know what really happened?

"Fire!", he cried.

I thought Ronald was sleeping.

Anatole took a can opener out of the drawer.

I'll answer any question, as long as it pertains to Rampart.

In this city finding a taxi is complicated.

Elsa is wearing provocative clothing.