I made her a dress.

Clem has a love/hate relationship with Japan.

Jay doesn't get outdoors much.

I like your cat, but it doesn't like me.

You will never get far without the co-operation, confidence and comradeship of other men and women.

Tell her that I'm sorry.

The box was crushed during transport and the contents flew out.

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Malaria is carried by mosquitoes.

There's so much I've wanted to tell you.

We are all eager to watch the movie.

Can I have a little bread while waiting?

Trevor broke out of jail.

We'll find Tandy.

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Where did Ming go to do her homework?

We don't know what caused the fire.

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We can't pretend it never happened.

Doug comes to visit me every once in a while.

Give me a definite answer.


I'm going to turn him in.

Sonja lives an active life.

We passed the Affordable Care Act to give more Americans the security of health care coverage so that not only people without health insurance could finally get it, but people who had health insurance were treated fairly, so that, for example, no insurer could charge you more just for being a woman.

His music has attained great popularity overseas.

Wash your hands and then eat.

Maybe you shouldn't be alone now.

I was told the news by Hashimoto.

The patient is on a steady road to recovery.

It's a very gloomy day.

Come inside.

We must accomplish our task.

How can a duplicate sentence be removed?

I'm so excited I can hardly wait!

I hope you enjoyed the party more than I did.

I don't know if he's still alive.

I suggest you tell me the truth.

Morris couldn't sleep at all because it was so hot.

His men fought hard and well.

You've got to work together.


The rumor became common property.

Something came up.

He went to the bank and changed his money.

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I want Judy to know I've got no beef with him.


I want to drink a cup of tea.

My company is sending us all to Hakone this year.

You have nothing to be sorry for.

Carsten waitressed part-time.

That's a good picture of Shyam.

That man stole all of his money.

What mistake was that?

When I looked in a gardening book I was surprised by how many were marked poisonous.

I know all about Bruce.

May I speak to you alone?

I think I may know where to find Rebecca.

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They are too suspicious about everything.

We won't meet again.

Now I have to leave, they're calling for my flight.


Sofoklis is very stupid.

I want to know what happened to your car.

No, he will not.

How do I respond?

I thought Fletcher was asleep.

I cannot pinpoint what went wrong.

Why don't you want to wear a tie?


This is getting tiresome.

I want to go to Italy.

They were satisfied with the result.

She was equal to the job.

He expected to have seen her before he went out of town.


I asked him to begin his trip at once.


I will never break the law again.

I used to walk everywhere when I was a teenager.

What do you think of her attitude?


Denis was here for three years.

Nothing would exist without a creator.

I won't do to Laura what he did to me.

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He didn't like to ask for help even if he was starving.

Write your address here.

I've just finished my work.

What should we do with Jeff?

You can't let them take my kids away from me.

This knife doesn't cut well.

Does it matter?

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Stay close to me.


You've been very good.

She liked it.

Ben is younger than Kristen.

We ran around the park.

I told Mat I'd close the windows and lock up.

Each opportunity to hate the French and to let them know is good to seize. If additionally you can take one for a ride, it's even better!

I'm not sure actually.

Can myrtle be used in cooking?

I drove downtown to meet them.

She was surprised that it was that late.

If we don't leave soon, we'll be late.


Maybe I shouldn't invite Raul to the party.

Sony ambitiously revealed its newest project early in order to take competitors by surprise.

I can't locate the source of the problem.


It's no walk in the park.

It began to rain cats and dogs.

You stay up until two in the morning. You're such a night owl!

You were a bully in high school.

We were all disappointed by the game.


Hopefully, no one will get sick.

There's a new iPhone coming out next month so I think that it's not such a bright idea to buy one now.

My birthday coincides with yours.


Of the remaining words on the list, five are nouns.


We got lost.

Put some grease on the wheel. It squeaks.

Do you think Ssi is good-looking?

It's one of the oldest buildings in Boston.

You're a pathetic loser.

I'm glad you asked that.

If there was no sun, we would not be able to live.


I need my car for my job.

Don't count on her.

Where's the other one?

The blood stream is usually constant and continuous.

She is reliable, polite and knowledgeable.

This firm prints a lot of educational books.

Don't you get it?

You may sit wherever you like.

Crimea is Ukraine!

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I handed in my report yesterday.

The rioters were like animals in the grip of a primitive frenzy.

I don't want to talk about that here.

Everything was covered with snow as far as the eye could see.

Why don't we sit down?

High five!

What an amazing story!

Admission was free.

That's the worst mug shot I've ever seen.

It proved the truth of the rumor.

I'll blame it all on Rand.

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I'm not going to forget you.


Those aren't my rules. They're Clare's.

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Several of the reports were missing.

Aimee was my roommate last year.

He goes to university.


I like the one with a white belt.

What do you say to going for a drive?

I pay 30 euros for every visit to the dentist.

They debated for a shorter amount of time than I'd expected.

Have you run into this kind of problem before?

I want to find out if Nici was at school today.

Hundreds of buffaloes moved toward the lake.

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I'm too lazy to do my homework.

He walked back and forth in front of the door, hesitating to enter.

You are the first to arrive.

Olof has never gone rafting down a river.

Finish your work.


I'm disappointed with your performance.

I could hardly do anything.

I promise you that from now on I'll be good.

He seldom, if ever, reads a book.

We're all from Boston.

They want to know about her.

After a careful survey of Bennu to characterize the asteroid and locate the most promising sample sites, OSIRIS-REx will collect between 60 to 2,000 grams of surface material with its robotic arm and return the sample to Earth via a detachable capsule in 2023.

Get him to help you.

Furnishing a new apartment imposes large expenses.

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Pablo has been charged with kidnapping.

I would like to improve myself.

Christophe had big money problems.

It's not as though we were enemies at each other's throat.

The students said the story was too difficult.

I wouldn't like that.

So are you and Hanna planning on getting married?

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I'm not asking your permission.

I often went fishing with him.

On the highway of life, sometimes you'll be the bug, other times you'll be the windshield.