Table of Contents Introduction Set Up AWS EC2 Instance Set up Simple Email Service Set up SSL Certificate Set up Elastic Load Balancer Set up AWS CloudFront Set up Domain with AWS Route 53   So you are getting closerreattainment

Spartan OCR Exercise Prep

Bearded Brethren (and Ladies bearded or otherwise)!  As some of you know, I have been working on creating a better version of myself.  One thing that I believe has helped me immensely with keeping focus is setting a tangible goal to work toward.  (more…)

Meal Prep Ideas

So, we meet again.  Its been a while, took some time off from things.  Back and better then ever now.  I am a champ, and so are you! Anyways, lets talk about meal prepping.  Its new to me and I(514) 435-8654