Are you sure this is where you saw her?

I didn't sell Pilot my car.

Vidhyanath told us we'd find you here.

He's a real character.

I don't know how Vidhyanath does it.

I've written part of the report already.

What a beautiful garden you have!

They were interested.

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Milk can be made into butter, cheese, and many other things.


It's top secret.

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The cake didn't turn out well because the flour was past its use-by date.


Hartmann still felt uncomfortable.

This is completely bogus.

Daniel couldn't decide when to begin.

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You were busy, weren't you?

In Bali the primary directions are toward and away from the island's great mountain, Gunung Agung.

We walked in the park.


Well-made roads extend far from the city.


It isn't clear which of them wanted that.

We are masters of time, not its slaves!

Betty asked Stephan to run away with him.

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We moved into this house last month, but we still haven't settled down.

What are they going to do to me?

I don't enjoy his society.

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I'll stay there till six o'clock.

Vincent put our old computer in the cellar.

I don't think Niall can hear me.

The girl had big boobs but sadly she was one sandwich short of a picnic.

He should buy a house.

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I cannot put up with his carelessness any longer.

There was a danger the smallpox could spread.

Getting a lower price will be difficult.

Jim's uncle is due to retire next year.

Cathrin had the same problem.

A marathon is pretty exhausting.

We have to start all over again.

Who am I actually: a monk dreaming he's a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming it's a monk?

This room is too big.


Jock bugs everyone.

Moses never forgave me.

What are Eli and Indra going to wear to the Halloween party?


Aren't you going to finish your dinner?

Just tell them I'm a consultant.

The Germans are very crafty.

I'm so glad you are all here.

I heard someone knocking.

I am nervous in a sense.

He died of a heart attack.

Who conducts the tests?

That made Barney pause.

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It might be because I am near-sighted, but I can't read or write if my desk is not in a brightly lit place.

Who did Mother Teresa help?

As soon as he saw what he had to do, he ducked out.

Water conducts of electricity.

I'm strong enough to do that now.

I'm fixing the radio I found on my way home.

Don't you get lonely?

We should be able to be there by 2:30.

It's not as crazy as it sounds.

Is it comfortable to travel by ship?

I felt a certain anxiety in my chest.

I don't think we have the time for that.

Don't you see what Pia's doing?

I don't want cooked rice.

I don't know anything for sure.

While you're in the classroom, take off your caps!

Once again she was lived in and taken care of.

I think this one is good.

They say that since it was bitterly cold in Northern Europe that winter, many people were frozen to death.

He has enough money to buy it.

What's your favorite way to relax?

I expect that in the far future, you will know about every day.

Manuel was the last one off the bus.

I'll give you everything you need.

"Are you okay?" "No, I'm not."


He was explicit on the point.

We're all done.

Orville often leaves the lights on all night.

I wonder how sausage is made.

The suffix "um" doesn't have a definite meaning, and, for that reason, one must learn the (very few) words with "um" as simple words. For example: plenumi, kolumo, manumo.

Carl's letters stopped coming.

I hate my neighbour.

I don't think the police will ever catch Antonio.

I wouldn't want it even if they were giving it away.

I just want you to accept me for who I am.

The accident stemmed from her negligence.


Vidhyanath is a male cheerleader.

I need you to sign this.

Hank is watching the hockey game with his friends.

He happened to visit me.

Let's review.

I asked him many questions about ecology.

Above the lifeguard station, a black flag was flying to indicate that swimming in the ocean was dangerous.

Let them keep their jobs.

Wendy can't go on.


I often went to the movies with my father.


He gets along well with his classmates.

It is no use arguing with her.

Darin is a rebel.


They battled and battled, not thinking about the danger.

Donne wants to finish eating before he talks to anyone.

Where are your car keys?


There are few men but know that.

My mother bakes bread every morning.

If it hadn't been for your advice, he would have been ruined.


He went there instead of his father.

The one who has rendered a service should hold his tongue; it is up to the one who has received it to speak.

If you had not eaten so much, you would not be so sleepy now.

The idea of entering a sauna wearing clothes is unthinkable.

As long as it is cheap, any watch will do.

She blinked to stop the tears.

Does he intend to help us?


I asked her what kind of music she liked.

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I didn't know him very well.

I have been reading this book.

Emily gave Dawn her bag.


It is strange that he should be put up at such a cheap hotel.

Mwa has just finished his report.

The dog has a very keen sense of smell.

Foreign people intrigue me.

Living, as I do, in the country, I seldom have visitors.

The war was a big part of my life, and I can hardly bring myself to speak about it, but I feel it is important that your younger generation appreciates what I have done to you.

Mr Johnson, president of the club, will soon come.

I'm not crying.

Heinz smiled at them all.


I usually ride my bike to school. I mean to the office.

You don't know Sue like I do.

I cut glass.


How did you know Derek could do that?


Do you remember that?


You must adapt to a variety of conditions.


I should've read the original work before watching the movie.

I'm still trying to understand what's going on.

He has lived here for a long time.

Both Seth and Jean-Pierre are over thirty.

We must seek after the true, the good and the beautiful.


I won't let you harm her.

Mind you don't fall off the ladder.

The story is full of holes.

I have a liberal neighbor.

That's the last I heard from Emma.


But where are we?

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You never had a chance.

Po was involved in a terrible accident.

They advanced on the town.

Everything is missing.

Dan was on the loose.

I can't believe Rod went out with Panos.

I believe what you said is true.

The forest was so thick that one could hardly walk through it.

Christine stayed in the shade all day, because she didn't want to get a sunburn.

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They called the dog Shiro.

The peddler carried a big bundle on his back.

Ozan didn't understand why he wasn't allowed to go.

Spring is on the way!

Bea could hardly contain his excitement.

Do you go to school on foot?

Surfing was fun.

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We were so afraid.

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She has braces.

Lay up for a rainy day.

Dan tried to drown himself.

She promised her mother to come home before nine without fail.

Kris is a fat man.

Just look at yourself.

The doctor told me Tuna died in his sleep.