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I'll tell Daddy on you.

It's time for you to go.

I wish you'd do something for me, Eddy.


I'll try asking Duane for some money.

Sometimes because of their atmospheres and sometimes because of the gases which surround them.

I'm getting more and more gray hair.

Something really should be done about the problem, but this is cracking a nut with a sledgehammer.

I play both the trumpet and the piano.


There are also fish that fly.

I know your Christian name.

If anything should happen to Roxie, I wouldn't forgive myself.


Soohong fell asleep during sex ed class.

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They weren't at home yesterday.

Ralph stuffed the money into his pocket.

Marcel is a pushover.

I burnt my fingertip.

Juha thinks the plan may backfire.

He got in the boat with the horse.

She has two sisters.

I have to open the window.

Prakash is a lot shorter than me.

He's just a know-all.

Prove that you love me.

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You will have to study harder next year.

I was annoyed with him for keeping me waiting.

I wouldn't want to live in Boston.

This word is also French in origin.

He was knee deep in mud.

I want to make you proud of me.

You could do it if you really wanted to.

I'm sure you'll find someone pretty quickly.

You've got food on your face.

With the subjunctive past all the 'be' verbs become 'were', OK?

She talked a lot.

I wish it was today.

That's the sweetest thing I think I've ever eaten.


I don't suppose it's going to rain.

Please choose between this one and that one.

Did you stay long at his place?


The USA is a good market for Japanese products.

It's gorgeous.

Grace said that he thought Toufic was an idiot.

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You gave it to us.

Jagath is a lot like Vickie.

Stand out of my sun.

Nothing offends people worse than broken promises.

Has Himawan cleaned the room yet?


Have you asked Elias for help?

Has Revised come back?

Very good job! Congratulations!

I stayed home all day long instead of going to the movies.

Are you Andalousian?

He has wide shoulders.

Here is your passport.

I'll speak to her.

That was it.


You're so sexy.

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Yes, he is angry.

I cannot stand you telling me all the time what my faults are.

I tossed and turned all night.

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I haven't written to Naoto in a long time.

I usually study math in the evening.

Noam got dressed.

I'm too tired.

We'll kill him.

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What would you like to do today?


Tolerant stopped typing.

She keeps complaining that she doesn't have time.

The sun is rising.

Travis forgot where he put his glasses.

Why didn't you tell me that you wanted to go camping?

Can't you say anything nice?

She needs a cab.


Can I find you on Facebook?

A true German can't stand the French, yet willingly he drinks their wines.

Let Ravi do all the talking.

I can't imagine what the trouble is.

Sanand rejected the offer.

Shall I buy this dictionary just because it's cheap?

In the dark it's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.


The train left for Kobe station.

She leaped for joy.

Ahmet could not bring herself to eat the cute squirrel-shaped cookies that Elliot had baked for her.


I got a burn on my finger.

There are billions of stars in the universe.

This dish is delicious.

That day left a deep impression on me.

You must be punished for what you did.

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The house has three floors.

Sue was in a great hurry.

His explanation proved to be right after all.

You were in love with Jonathan, weren't you?

I wanted to ask you some questions about Patty.

He pursued his career at the expense of his family.

He is thought to be difficult to deal with.

Rathnakumar isn't going to make it on time.

I heard you screaming.

How can you concentrate?

Rhonda is heroic.

The story continues.

Anderson is quite competitive.

It's only three o'clock.

Neal pulled out his mobile phone.

Could you advance me some money?

They won't listen to you.

Japanese has something in common with Korean.

In this show, the accent is on robots.

Getting married is a serious matter.

What do you think we can do to help?

Many people left.

To think what we do not feel is to lie to ourselves, in the same way that we lie to others when we say what we do not think.

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Just when you thought there couldn't be anything crazier than Wikipedia, along came Tatoeba.

If you want to be happy, be it.

I watch television all day long.

I have good hands.

The rash is, um, also incredibly contagious.

Jeffery and Theodore quarrel almost every day.

That's thoughtful.

There is a call for you.

The words escaping his lips bear no meaning.

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It's a terrible affair.

She rode a camel.

I can't read French.

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It's all over for us.

Kriton didn't bring his keys.

I ate a large dinner and my hunger was satisfied.

He works as hard as ever, but he remains poor.

We can't be certain of that.

I would've liked to go with you.

Nothing but a full apology would satisfy him.


I don't know what you're trying to say.


Where are your people?

She's got an appointment at 11 o'clock.

He glanced at the clock.

That can't be! Seriously?

I don't even know your address.


Please tell me how to fill out the disembarkation card.


"Will you be eating in?" "No, I'll have it takeaway."

Stay away from her.

She is eating.

I haven't done anything yet.

It's all about money.

I never would've done that.

The sentence rings a bell with me. Where have I read it before?

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I am not the one.

He broke the window intentionally.

His wife was old but he loved her.

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He works as hard as any other student.


Have you told her this?

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Enough, stop this fight!

We bought Clay a birthday present.

A man shouted something, waving his hand.


We should go skiing.

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Here are the languages I want to learn, in roughly chronological order.

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Didn't you see a dog pass through the yard?

In the latest report, it is written that 90% of all the cocaine smuggled in the world is transported by sea, and most of that by speedboat.

Are there any other questions?

We import coffee from Brazil.

Kenya used to be a British colony.


Don't risk your neck over something foolish.

We are not here to arrest you.

I'll ask whether he wants another drink.

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I'm not sure you'll have the time to do that.

Regular attendance is required in that class.

What is this the abbreviation for?