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Get unlimited local Tallahassee TV for free with a one-time $25, tax deductible member donation.

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DwelingsTV™ is accessed via an app on Roku. With each donation/membership, you will recieve a FREE Roku player so you can enjoy TV with just an internet connection!

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What is DwelingsTV?

DwelingsTV™ is a not-for-profit offering created to help raise awareness of our exciting social innovation within the Tallahassee community. As a testament to our innovative practices, we are bringing free TV in appreciation to our members (better than a coffee mug, right?). In addition to members, all of our homes have the same DwelingsTV™ app! 812-842-5640

All donations support CESC, Inc. (Connecting Everyone with Second Chances), and aid in the overarching mission of restoring people’s health, housing and hope after experiencing some of life’s most difficult challenges.

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How it Works

  1. 1. Make one-time $25 donation to CESC
  2. 2. Account is created and Roku is sent to your address
  3. 3. Login to your new Roku account and activate the DwellingsTV™ app
  4. 4. Enjoy Unlimited FREE DwellingsTV™

Still have questions? Checkout our 615-267-1667.