Gerard seemed bored.

You had better not wait any longer.

What exactly did you tell her?

We expect rapid growth of the utilities sector.

Mumps is an infectious disease.

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Martha is very flexible.

We insist that during the next three days you make decisions which are fair to all generations and which show an active concern for the environment.

She moves like a queen and shows that she has rhythm in her blood.

He is well-liked.

When she comes, we'll eat.

I know those tall girls quite well.

How wonderful were the good old days.

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She started to get hungry, so she threw a small stone in the river to kill a fish.

My daughter is buying milk in the shop.

She and her friends love music.

I'm sure that Gretchen has never been to Boston.

We were on the train for ten hours.


We've just got to go do it.

We borrow German dictionaries from Pfirsichbaeumchen.

I'd like a car like yours.

Distance lends enchantment to the view.

People were moving faster and faster.


Today is the day that Bill graduates.

Renu was hospitalized.

Clare met Linda while studying at an art school.

You should believe me.

It looks like you've hooked a big one.

Amedeo, the guy I'm sharing a room with, is messy.

She shut the book and closed her eyes.

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The door closes automatically.


I hope it was a prank!

We won't be able to get out of this cell.

Judy must be psychic.

She has a heart of gold.

Let's try not to lose each other in this fog.

Do you believe that Neil wants to go with Brandy?

From that moment on, he felt undying hatred for his oppressors.

Maybe we should talk about something else.

Don't send me home, please.


My job is teaching French.

Have a little dignity.

I've lost my appetite.

Mark knows that I don't like him.

Mysore told Piet the joke I told him.

I ate some bread and a boiled egg for lunch.

Everyone is welcome to participate.

Naomi got in the golf cart.

What were you doing then?


In fact I don't know anything about it.

My suitcase disappeared at the airport.

Would you mind telling where you got this?

Ray didn't show up at the party yesterday.

We have three hours to prepare for the meeting.

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The killer has just taken his fourteenth victim, and we still have no lead on his identity.

He likes to throw the bull.

I think Brandon is fat.

Wouldn't it be amazing to create the world's largest dictionary?

He laughed a merry laugh.

Affluence leads to chagrin.

Diana did what he could for his children.

I was very scared of snakes.

Jean-Christophe appears confused.

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I'm just a little confused.

You didn't do a very good job, I said.

Takao is quite poor.


Mah was lucky enough to find a good job.

She pasted a notice on the wall.

How did Meeks survive?


"Maybe it's better not to tell Randall anything about today." "I think so too."

Tomorrow is her day off.

I was studying late last night.

That sounds a lot easier to do than it is.

We won't make you wait too long.

You gonna see me change.

Hang on. The ambulance will get here in just a little bit.

I don't know where Billy went.

Would you like regular prints?

What exactly are we doing?

I emailed Cris his homework.


I think Sridhar wants more.

Lying is shameful.

The first thing Celeste does every day when he gets home is turn on the TV.


He prays dictatorially.

She might be having coffee in the cafeteria.

Warning: the lifeforms in this universe are surrounded by 10% dandruff. Would you like to set up a new one?


I gave some books to Indra.

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I told Mark not to do this.

The murderer was executed this morning.

Who locked the dog outside?

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I thought Tor would love it.

Where do I put my bags?

Sigurd will be looking after the children while I'm at work.

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A Mr. Miller wants to see you.


They splashed each other playfully.

Didn't you know that he passed away two years ago?

Chuck me the ball.


You've got licence to speak frankly.

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I hope we never have this kind of problem again.

They refused to join the army.

"We have a problem." "What sort of problem?"

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Life's seed is laid.


Antibiotics can't kill viruses.


When are you going home?

If you're really in love, water tastes like expensive wine.

It's already out of control.

I'll be back by six o'clock.

I like the sound of that Bell!

Did you know that was there?

Florian didn't know their names.


Will they be able to come tomorrow?

I don't care if Richard goes or not.

Carole drove Sangho to the airport.

Teresa isn't very good-looking.

Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.

Sridhar suggested that Pratt sing the new song she'd been practicing.

There's no need to be rude.

The trouble is that it costs too much.

That movie was extremely interesting.


But, soft! Methinks I scent the morning air; brief let me be.


I'll stay here until ten.


Socorrito bought a camera yesterday.


Sign the contract.


The businessman is thinking of receding from the contract.

A well-bred horse doesn't care about a barking dog.

That day was a Sunday, so there was no school.


I've made a mistake.

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Nobody can tell you who your father is.

Will you teach me how to float?

I admire your confidence.


Tell Arthur you're too busy to help him.

You owe her a big apology.

She's not a member.

This man lacks courage.

I wonder why Randy did it.


Who was that terrible man?

Whoever committed this crime was surely out of his mind.

I spend my days off doing things like looking after my nephew and going out to eat with friends.

We're striving for perfection.

What you're suggesting won't work.

I think I know what Rhonda's doing here.

I was just thinking of the same thing. I'm all for that.

His work is concerned with international trade.

Santa is quite handsome, isn't he?


"Do you think she'll come?" "I hope not."

She was not in the least pleased with my present.

Today's Beijing has given me a very deep impression and aroused my curiosity.

I found it easy to fix the problem.

Adrian has no sick pay, no paid vacation and no paid overtime.

When choosing mineral water, we should prefer that is rich in calcium and magnesium, but low in sodium.

Why are you so interested all of a sudden?

Gail is an extrovert.

You're still young, but not permanently.

It couldn't have been easy.

You shouldn't make fun of them.

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That's the first good news I've heard all day.


What a boring film! Nothing ever happens!


We'll help Charlene, but not now.

The football game is now in action.

Imagine, for the sake of argument, a tribal group in which mother-son incest was countenanced.

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All the English teachers at my son's school are native speakers.