South Bay JiuJitsu Club


The rain has been intense the lst few months. Probably won't start bringing the mats out to the park until April. Also, I am doing all the javascript, html, menus, css, programming, mysql, redis, apache, and Linux. I got a lot fo videos processed with a basic webpage. I am organizing all the videos I like. Still have 500 to do.

Location 1: Some park in the south bay, probably in Lakewood park, sunnyvale.
When: April, not sure what time. 2 or 6 -- probably when its hot later.

Location 2: Every month, once or twice a month, I plan going to places that have open mat or are really cheap.
When depends on when they are available, usually Sundays.
If we go, remember its a business and they are letting us be there for free. Their potentially paying customers are most important and we should help them with their buiness by helping other people there and to be nice. Being nice is my problem. Ugh. Check out the 713-580-6885 when the times are. I will announce it on facebook (i'll try 2 weeks) ahead of time.


As I say elsewhere, I don't want to take advantage of these guys. Its to help you figure out what you like and if we can be nice and professional and help out their students first before yourself.

Temporary Links

In the future, we are going to change the menus for mobile, make the player mobile friendly, and have the player display info about the video as it switches. The menus work but the stupid mobile messes up the fonts at will. Firefox does it better, but still not good.

508-735-1474, Technique, 9203739636, (660) 487-8549, Trait

Meeting Format

ADULTS ONLY at this time.

Meetings will be investigative or more formal setting like at an academy. Depends on what people want each day. I personally want to investigate bjj, catch wrestling, 10th planet, and techniques that are unusual. Counter moves and counter to counters and to practice them with different people. Please have health insurance, or we can't roll hardcore.


Its a club, if we like you, stay, there is no obligation for anyone to put up with anyone's stuff. So be nice. I need to work on that myself. Here is what I don't want to see happening:
    Knee Locks to submission.
    Neck Cranks to submission
    People not tapping out when they should.
    Any for of hitting, fish hooks, eye pokes, anything damaging.
    Give your opponent time to tap out and actually say "You should tap now." instead of making them tap.
    Calf crushes or other muscles crushes to submission.
    If you are not a purple belt, don't try foot, leg, knee, or wrist locks. Mostly below purple you don't, and I don't even do them anyways.


It got this from a website....
    Striking, punching, or kicking
    Slamming (picking someone up and forcefully smashing them down)
    Eye gouging, hair pulling, fish hooking, oil checking
    Grabbing individual fingers or bending fingers backwards
    Spine and neck cranks
    Heelhooks and twisting the knee
    Scissors takedown (kani-basami)
    Leg reaping

What to bring

Shorts and t-shirt and minimnum. If you don't formal exercise GI or exercise outfits, its cool. You should be able to do jiujitsu with or without a GI. Is important to practice both. I mainly just do GI, but I should both.

Here is a list of what would be nice but is not mandatory.

· A GI or judo outfit. There are probably some ones you can by on google, but you can check amazon or ebay too. HINT: You can get judo outfits pretty cheap at Nichi Bei Bussan NB, 140 Jackson St, San Jose, CA 95112. I did for my crazy ex gf years ago (and one nice gf before that) and the outfits were pretty cheap and I didn't care if we ruined them. Always buy them one or two sizes too big because when you wash them over time they will shrink. Heck I dry mine in the dryer that you are not suppose to do, but I buy it too big on purpose. Mold and mildew develops after 6 hours and I don't want to use chemicals.
·It would be nice for people to bring 4'x10'x2" Gymnastics Gym Folding mats or 4'x8'x2" Gymnastics Gym Folding which would can get on ebay for less than $70 sometimes. I will bring one or two 4'x10'x2" mats with me. I am not fond of the thin mats and connect together. They tend to move around a lot and aren't that great.
Protection like a cup, rash guard, would be nice. Remember, we could be rolling on the ground if you get off the mat. Be prepared to get bruises and slight cuts if you leave your skin bare. Also, any clothes or GI's will probably get grass stained. Don't bring your competition GI.