I am calling my father.

Hubert remained there until 2013.

The soldiers took the youngsters to a place where they thought nobody would see them, then they picked up stones and started to hit the youngsters on their heads and their arms to break their bones. They didn't know that they were being filmed.

Hughes is the perfect girl for Ray.

She licked the spoon.

Pears are canned in this factory.

I'm starting to get bored.

Route 12 stops near the opera house.


The bartender brought Ahmed his drink.


I don't like chocolate.

He had hardly left home when it began to rain.

Please, hurry up.


Phiroze is growing more concerned by the minute.

Yeah, it's been a long time.

He hired a new secretary.


I like our new French teacher.


I've decided to go on a diet.

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She's stark naked.

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I hate it when she does that.


Tommy is in the kitchen washing dishes.

That's what I would've done.

I study Japanese history.

The negotiation has entered upon a new phase.

He speaks Uyghur well.

Dan changed Linda's life.

Would you mind saying that once more?

I'm just waiting for Lum.

I have a headache.


Do you bake cakes in this oven?

You can get hold of me at the Yasesu Hotel.

Bobby and Joubert will come at 2:30.

You should've seen him dance.

He's looking for a suitable job.

He won fame by the novel.

Dannie looks more friendly today than he usually does.

He greeted the woman.

She has a serious boyfriend.


So, why don't you just go?


Jerome's sweating.

As far as we know, the earth is the only planet to have oceans.

The children whirled about the garden.

The scenery diverted the driver's attention from the road.

Bring all your friends next time.


It's not my fault!

He cut the advertisement out of the newspaper.

Kyung plays lacrosse.


They wouldn't serve Dorian a drink because he was underage.

There is a look of appeal on her sad face.

Only slowly did he begin to understand the situation.

That was never my problem.

His speech was not altogether bad.

She has never been asked out on a date.

A strong cup of coffee helps me wake up.

The chairperson should consider the minority opinion.

He tried to talk to her time and time again.

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The last thing Rees needs is someone else stalking him.

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Mostar is a very beautiful city.

Betty always managed to get what she wanted.

He said he would write to me, but he hasn't.

Have there been a lot of sick people lately?

This is a wooden comb.

You are impossible to deal with.

I manage to support my family.

I was born and raised in the country.

Guilin's sceneries are the most beautiful ones under the heaven.

After all, I'm a waste of space.

I always wanted a sports car.

She told him all about her adventure.

I know this from bitter experience.


Liz seems conceited.

In Venice, there are always lots of tourists.

I hope Cris helps me.

We were watching the bird eat the crumbs; then I sneezed, and he was gone in a flash.

It's going badly.

You can get to her house in a variety of different ways.

My house is close to the amenities of a big city.

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The dates are often wrong.

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"And that's your best?" Sylvan retorted spitefully.

I'm sorry, you are not allowed to.

They didn't find him.

He developed his business.

No matter how hard I practiced, I wasn't able to do the backstroke.

I didn't think Darryl knew any French.

I don't think Rajarshi is feeling very well this afternoon.

No, you need not go right now.

Before the ship sank, the radio operator broadcast one final message - SOS!

Ricardo got a new pair of glasses.

Please continue with your story. It's really interesting.

Kenneth pulled on a pair of rubber gloves.

When it comes to love, women are experts and men eternal novices.

Has there been any change in policy?

It is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs.

You seem to understand her.

Melinda seems to be prepared.

It could just be an illusion.

Air traffic controller is an extremely high pressure job.

Benson is first in line.

That hardly matters anymore.

I just got a call from a man named Ramon Jackson.

Elisa is at work. Her children are at school.

Over sixty people were arrested.

The last of us.

Prices are lower in Kobe.

Aaron has some money stashed away.


I have no alternative.

The arresting officer was Dennis Jackson.

The young couple ate off the same plate.

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The beach, bordering the Gulf of Mexico, teemed with tarballs.

She would not approve.

I've got to lose some weight.


Something very similar happened to me!

The child dipped his toes into the ocean to see if the water was cold.

Guys, I gotta go.

We thought we might expect a good harvest.

I like women, I like wine.

At present, we have 1,600 students at our school.

Everybody has some good points and bad points.

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There's the plane from Urumqi.

I just want you back.

Good leather will wear for years.

Andrea is a law student.

We're in the middle of a delicate situation.

Clayton is moving back home.

Everyone's in trouble.

What goes well with potatoes?

You should be talking to Susanne.

I'll let you in on a secret.

I am not a teacher.

This is where he lives.

They verbally abused us.

I'm Chinese.

Will anything really change?

Fishing is prohibited in the lake.

Are you angry with her?


Let us make an effort -in parallel with our efforts to identify ungrammatical English sentences- not to lose through neglect our patrimony.

We are apt to watch television, irrespective of what program is on.

It'll just take three seconds.

We've all got one.

It was so peaceful in the grove of trees.

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Dion overheard June and John's conversation.


I beat my wife.


Cindy takes a bus to work.


Bach's Invention No. 8 in F major is well-known.

You didn't come into the office yesterday and I want to know why.

Vassos said that the men he saw going into the bank had the weapons.

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I guess it's the only way to bear one of her concerts.

He is nothing more than an egoist.

It looks like you've lost a few pounds.

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They're fabulous.

He was involved in a skirmish with a violent gang.

I'm furious with him.

I want to make that very clear.

Please put your age on the form.

The scientists are working on a new experiment.

They acclaimed him their leader.

I don't wash my hair in the morning.

Let's shake the rug.

Why did Frederic stop working here?

He hides his head in the sand, like an ostrich.


If you don't have a safety pin, a straight pin will have to do.

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our offenses, as we forgive our offenders, and lead us not to temptation, but free us from evil. Truly.

I want to be with him all the way.

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I don't want to cook.


Getting up early is very good.

He ought to have arrived here.

We're all having lunch.

Speak more quietly, please.

Ritchey plays Pacman.