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Be on your guard. He's not an easy one to fool.

You couldn't live without me.

You know I can do it.

Close that drawer.

How can you say that our soldiers died in vain?


She won a phone.

It is frightening beyond description.

Are you almost finished with that?

Those two ideas are quite distinct.

I'll never do anything by halves.

Nobody looks very convinced.

Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.


Devon is definitely the right person for the job.

I don't want to go if you don't go with me.

Robert simply told the truth.


I hadn't realized how crazy Will was.


It'll happen again.


Kinch was sweet.

Presley may have heard us.

I can't stand so many cars honking their horns at the same time!

He was powerless in the face of death.

The people are under pressure.

I could never make him believe what I said.

Could you call me back a bit later?


It is surprising that she should say so.

Who is chairing the meeting today?

A man can receive only what is given to him from heaven.


Can you excuse me for a minute?

All the girls in Janice's class are beautiful.

As long ago as that?!

I am married and I have a daughter.

That business was a gold mine.

Wasn't she your girlfriend?

They are all busy.

He'll never achieve anything unless he works harder.

Donne forgot to lock his car.

We'll be waiting for you in the lobby.

Pay attention to what I say.

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The match didn't take place.

We're doing the right thing.

We forgot to take that into consideration.


We really do see people as we think they are and not as they are.

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I played here last week.

There's nothing out here.

Did you tell Joon what you told me?

You don't have to stand on ceremony with me.

Who cares about bad manners?

You know what?

Marian was lying in bed watching TV.

What makes you think I'm lying?

Stagger came to talk to Brandi.

It's impossible to change it now.

I recently met an old friend.

Am I supposed to be shocked?

He had to leave the village.


How well Aoi dances!

The world would be so much better off if it were run by people like me.

Clark is either at home or at work.

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Find a job.

Many minority groups have been discriminated against in the past.

Hal was all worn out.


I like English so much, but sometimes it is very difficult for me.

Shyam just went on vacation.

I know that would make me happy.

Neil must be very happy.

The green light is the "go" signal.


We chose to drive.

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Ima staggered in.

Vassos wasn't the first person the police arrested.

I'm not coming home.


Mr Smith is within shouting distance.


Maybe we could go dancing.


It is time you told her the truth.

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She won the contest.

Would you like any dessert?

Are you motivated?


The boy stripped a tree of the bark.

The man carrying a violin seemed upset.

Do you want to come to do the shopping?

I think Rayan did a good job.

Any electrical device, if used improperly, has the potential for causing fire, electrical shock or personal injury.

I love you more than he loves you.

Susan thinks that Elaine drinks like a fish.

I'm getting little pimples on my face. I wonder if I've been getting enough sleep lately.

You were always good at getting Ken to do what you wanted him to.

Did Jane have fun at the concert last night?

Let's assume it happened exactly as Jones says it did.

It is vain to argue with them about the problem.

Can I have a pizza, please?

I believe he is competent.

Where is the post office?

Pneumonia causes difficulty in breathing.

The paperback version is cheaper.

Where did you set fire to them?

Is fishing from this bridge permitted?


Don't you worry about it.

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I've been boxing since I was thirteen.

The history of France is very interesting.

I'm worn-out.


I don't want you to worry so much about it.

What does your son do?

I was beaten.


An alcove is useful for storing things.

My father-in-law is sitting.

I'm impressed by your progress.


During First Contact, the alien visitors would not show themselves physically.

I figured you might change your mind.

At last, it began to rain.

It took an hour.

Have all the passengers got on board yet?

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I wasn't given enough information.

The box was full of books.

It's happened three times so far.


I want to tell you everything.


An ancient space civilization erected a system of shortcut portals throughout the galaxy.


Late in the autumn, when the weather was rough, windy, and wet, and the cold penetrated through the thickest clothing, especially at sea, a wretched boat went out to sea with only two men on board.

You're making absolutely no sense.

Hein is as giddy as a schoolgirl.

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He tried to comfort her, but she kept crying.


We're here on vacation.

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Do you have your keys on you?


Your attendance isn't necessary.

The woman tests the rice.

Why do they want to talk to me?

I liked the sour cherry strudel and the nut filled strudel.

Do not search for people's weaknesses, but for their strengths.

She had a beautiful smile.

Srinivas took a seat across from Cliff.

Juri could have gone camping with you if you'd let him know you were going.

By the way, I think you're really nice.

Sumitro enjoys the fresh air.

Let them win one.


I'm really happy for him.

They never found out the truth.

That's good news to me.

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We're playing baseball after work today.


Today, here and now.


Everything will work out on schedule.

She was angry. That is why she remained silent.

Are you going to leave me any cookies?


We must do the best we can.

Both Alfred's parents are deaf.

He's putting himself in debt.

I think I know how you feel.

Thuan knew Dimetry was lying.

My heart ached for the dying birds.

The child soon fell asleep in the bed.

Tricia is going to put his house up for sale.

The ship will touch at Yokohama and Kobe.

She shouldn't get carried away.

That's my toothbrush.

Starbuck said he saw Ning yesterday.

The principal of our school is an American.

This sentence is not correct. There is a spelling mistake.

It's not so bad.


He approached the door.


I'm working on a project.

She's Laurie.

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