Azat Valiev

Web & Android developer

My name is Azat Valiev. I am an aspiring software developer based in Richland, WA. My primary interest are in Mobile and Web development. I have a strong foundation in Java, shown in my Android applications which have thousands of downloads on the Google Play Store. Additionally, I have a solid knowledge of JavaScript and Bootstrap, and I am well versed in Photoshop and SolidWorks. I have created several responsive websites such as my website on inauthentic learning. I have competed in several competitions such as 4089654443at the state level. I would like an internship that uses my existing programming skills, with opportunities to expand them further. My long-term goal is a career in Web/Android development. Thank you for your consideration, my contact information is on my (907) 671-5226, and below.

Contact Me

Alternatively, I can be reached at 604-375-4171