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As part of our mission to promote healthy therapy, provides consumers and therapist members with latest natural therapy events.Your published events are visible on your profile page. In the event page, we also link back to your profile, and this provides another way for new clients to find you.


There is life before and after Christmas!

Chelsea Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic - 145 Stirling Highway Nedlands WA 6009 Nedlands Australia 6009

Lets keep our sanity and manage upcoming possible stressful occasions with much more grace, poise and serenity! Join me for this delightful and highly useful Mini workshop! Keep your Serenity, Composure and Poise throughout the holiday season....

(778) 978-8630

Alexander Technique Introductory Workshop

13 Montgomery Road EDGWARE Middlesex HA8 6NS

Would you like to: Improve your posture? Use less effort and tension? Stay poised and balanced? Breathe and speak more easily? Use your body more naturally? Find out how Alexander Technique can help you. Workshop is limited to four particip...


The Circle of Wisdom

The Island Retreat East House Long Island Schull, Co Cork County Londonderry P81 X802

The Circle of Wisdom is a small gathering of max 6 people held in the magical lands of Long Island (Ireland). A small forgotten island 5 mins from mainland. The purpose of the gathering is to share our inner wisdom with each other in order that we...


From the Blog

Simple Daily Habit Tweaks for a Healthier You

Did you know that just by making small changes in your daily habits, you can strengthen your immunity against disease-causing germs? Having smart choices from your breakfast to your workout routine and leisure, you can improve your health in many different ways.


Feeling Sad? Thinking of Your Loved One May Help, Experts Say

Do you love placing a photo of your children or partner on your desk? Does it make you feel better? When your mind comes across a painful memory, it can be helpful to think about your loved ones because according to a new study, doing this eases the pain and reduces negative thinking.


Moderate Coffee Consumption Can Save Your Heart

Until now, there’s still much debate on whether coffee consumption is good for the heart or not. Some studies show that coffee provides a number of benefits to one’s health while other research found no link at all. Instead of knowing whether it’s a definite ‘no’ or ‘yes’, a new study published in the Journal Circulation: Heart Failure focused on investigating how much coffee one has to drink in determining its benefits.


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