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I write sentences on Tatoeba once in a blue moon.


Hans admitted that he had been defeated.


Gilles comes to school by bus and train.

In reply, he didn't say even a word.

What is the rate per day?


I almost kissed her.

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I work at home.


Did you check whether your phone was in the meeting room?

The London air was, at best, not much to boast about.

Of course, I don't need it.

He's just a know-all.

A light morning breeze was blowing across the road.

This is where my father works.

I hate working.

I didn't have a phone.

I will give up drinking at any cost.

We were probably followed.

You need to admit you have a problem before anybody can help you.

Who will take the place of his mother?

The cup broke.

What can I do for them?

What strikes me here is people's friendliness.

Since when has Jorge been studying Portuguese?

So we love sentences. But, even more, we love languages.


You study French, don't you?

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You still haven't answered me.

Rolf wanted to drive the car.

Perhaps you should sit.

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A change of opinions is almost unknown in an elderly military man.

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He made sure that he was ready for the exam by studying every day.

I'd like to know how Oskar got there.

It's impossible to recreate the sense of home in London.

How did you hear about that?

Violence has increased in recent years.


Today, we had two false alarms.

I'll always remember your kindness.

One should not call the devil; for then he will appear.

I offered 30% less than the asking price.

Hy took Tahsin with him.

He went to the city to have a good time.

Are you lost?

That's hardly likely.

Bring me two pieces of chalk.

She did it willingly.

My dream is soon realized.

It was a deep darkness.

They bought a parrot.

"Do you want a T-shirt?" "Yes, I want a red one."

When can we see you?

Your accent is very interesting.

I like your dress.

Get some sleep.

Sriram is a capable lawyer.

There's no sign of a struggle.

I want to know all the details.


Japanese houses are small.

I was tired today.

Nature is the only book that provides great content on every page.


Why are Chinese tourists so rude?

When you watch television or listen to the radio, the music which you hear is often African in origin.

Did we have any English homework due tomorrow?

I see that your apetite has returned.

Jennifer is just a business associate.


Subra is going to be so happy to see you.

It was hard for Catherine to tell Jock that he wanted a divorce.

I don't understand English.

They are looking into the problem.

Is Hirotoshi your kid?

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I have many friends from Recife.


Zhuangzi went to the kingdom of Chu.

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The labor union announced a strike.


Why do you stay with him?

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Your dream of becoming a baseball player will come true if you try hard.

Tell me you've got good news.

Have you seen hell?

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That movie star has many fans.

Let me hear you say it.

"I brought you a gift." "You didn't have to do that, David!"

What would you do next?

Are you still scared?

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Our neighbor owns three Porsches, so he's rich.

Must I attend the party tonight?

Mom is about to enter the bath.

Franklin asked us what we wanted.

Please identify yourselves.

She has to look after her mother.

Leith told me to drive to Boston.

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Next time you'll pay for it!


Did your wish come true?

Bob became a minister.

You ought to live up to your parents' hopes.

Dorian hasn't done anything wrong, as far as I know.

Don't take your eyes off Dan.

Sherri ran a red light.

If this is the case, its victims are usually young calves, injured or sick animals.

Jeffrey is down with the flu.

Hi, my name's Hohn!


Laurel is a great teammate.

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I'm not interested in your theories!

I've been to many countries.

Each of the girls was dressed neatly.

My phone needs to be recharged.

Ehhh, I hope I'm not interrupting anything ...

I'll definitely look at it.

What did you do with that car?

Focus on the task at hand.

Gill has been worried sick.

Have confidence in yourself.

Jim is a physicist.

It will take me more than three hours to look over the document.

I love her, but she loves someone else.

You are what matters to me.

Is Jarmo better?


May I have another piece of cake?

This is a horseshoe magnet.

It's a godsend.

Dave leaned down and picked up a rock.

Lanny started making fun of Dennis.


It's the Fairmont bus.

Many are those who stopped living before they started.

How it ended up here is impossible to know for sure.

Mayst thou never learn who thou art.

I prefer rice to bread.


He has no sense of direction.

Who's to say it's not what's supposed to happen?

Can you explain what that means to me?


She was seen to dance.

I want to take the test now.

It was extremely funny.

I'm on a budget, so I don't eat out more than three times a week.

I would've done it, but you beat me to it.

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Did you drive her home last night?

Max doesn't have to do this alone.

I've suddenly started to gain weight.


The robots will gain control one day, be sure of that.

We don't like to rush things.

Start at once, or you will be late.

Are you still working for us?

I'm not going anyplace.

I hope that I have not offended you.

She and I hold the same position in the company, but she earns more than I do.

Malloy has nowhere to go.

Since all tasks are completed without delay, we are ready to start next phase of development.


Just you wait and see.


At that moment, the telephone in the unit office rang.

It's simply too cold today.

You have to wake up early tomorrow morning.

Does the city literally owe its existence to Mussolini?

What a lot of books! Do they belong to the university library?

It seems that Italians are prone to suffer from exclusive ailments that have no names in other cultures.

Somebody set the fire.


It's well after midnight.


That book is very old.

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They're headed this way.

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I came to know many university students.

It's really hard to drive on the bumpy roads around here.

Rock climbing without proper equipment is dangerous.

It looks like it's going to rain, right?

Did Naresh seem upset?

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You won't be the only one there.

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I think Sean doesn't like me very much.