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Professional Services

We can offer you a range of services from IT Infrastructure Management, IT Maintenance and Devops consulting

IT Infrastructure

We can audit, setup, maintain and move your IT infrastructure in Switzerland. We can provide you with an unbiased look at your current infrastructure needs and develop a tailor-made project to suit your needs.


Do you want your deployment to be seamless? At Redconnection, we believe in infrastructure as code. Using configuration management and orchestration software we can help you to respond to your customer needs even faster. We will enable you to write, test and deploy applications faster by standardizing your host deployment and orchestrating the infrastructure dependencies.


Every IT operations environment needs real-time information about the current status of the infrastructure. We can help you to identify the key metrics, set-up the monitoring infrastructure and provide you with modern tools to make sure that your infrastructure is never unattended.

How we work

4 Easy steps to project completion

  • Collect Requirements

    Requirements help you and us to understand what your infrastructure is set out to achieve

  • Set a Timeline

    We summarize our discussion in a contract which sets out the timeline, deliverables, and support of the product after delivery

  • Implement

    We implement your IT project as set out by the requirements. Sourcing the right components, writing appropriate configuration and testing real world scenarios.

  • Deliver and Support

    We deliver the work product to you after acceptance testing by you and help you with support of your new Infrastructure.

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