We elected Jack chairman.

Pilot was in the streetcar.

You're a beautiful woman.

The girl opened her eyes, saw the bear, and fled toward the window.

We sell shoes.

She's been sick since last Wednesday.


Your watch is similar to mine in shape and color.

Have you been to the heart of Europe?

It's our car.

She has as many stamps as I do.

I didn't ask her any questions.

That dog jumped.

They knew a lot of songs, too.

I am afraid of dying.

He went for the doctor.

I didn't recognize Laura at first.

The Prime Minister held a press conference yesterday.

It is gross to kick autistic children.

She was promoted.

They take their boat out on weekends.

Let's go sledding.


From the moment I picked up your book until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend reading it.

Tovah works the late shift.

No person can decide when someone should die.

You should have asked her to join us.

Santa Claus' sleigh is pulled by flying reindeer.


I don't think this sentence is grammatically correct.

Can we have a word with him?

He hopes that something interesting happens.

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What an absurd idea!

Is Boston a big city?

Jeff has decided to buy a new car.


What's the worst-case scenario?


What's going on in that area right now?

I'd like a room for tonight.

Never did I dream of such a thing.

I wrote the song for her.

At first, I didn't believe him.

Mickey called everybody.

That sounds exhausting.


"Aha!", they said.

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I'm going to have to try and handle this myself.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

I'm not in love with anyone.

All his hope had been lost.

I don't understand, what does this change.


Stay with us for a moment.

The firemen localized the fire.

We will talk to her before she leaves the office.

There were 144 passengers and 6 crew members on board this plane.

I have to clean my teeth.

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I can't even believe I'm saying this.

I'm really sorry about what happened.

Teenagers do a lot of stupid things.

I'll never forget this experience.

She will survive.

I keep sabbath.

Mick can be very persuasive.

The two of them were never to meet again.

They helped each other with homework.

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Can we effect a compromise?

After menopause, women still want intercourse, but it becomes more intimate.

Even if it's not true, it's a brilliant fabrication.

Congress approved the plan in August 1969.

I loved working here with you.

Let's take it to Casey.

Dan put everything back in the garage.


Where is the printer?

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A Canadian comedian claims that the famous rings of Saturn are made up entirely of lost aeroplane luggage.

Maybe we should sleep on it.

I am in charge of this.

Moran's unnerving to be around, because she's so finicky about everything.

He didn't have lunch.

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The obsequious waiter is usually assigned the best table because he always curries favor with his manager and superiors.

I want you to admit you were wrong.

Don't call the cops, man.

I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.

The U.S. dominated the world after World War Two.

I need you now more than ever.

They missed the early train.

He gave a detailed description of the accident.

My sister loves sweets.

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Dripping water wears away a stone not with its strength, but with its constancy.


Someone spiked Jill's drink.

I get the idea.

Let me see some ID.


I'd like to know if the train is on time.

My government continues to treat dissent as defection.

My grandmother's visits are always special.


But whoever lives by the truth come into the right.


Santa and Pascal are close friends.

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She's a young student.

Sure, gladly.

I have a large collection of stamps.

He has set down everything that happened.

Lori was already here.

There isn't time for that.

Eliezer Ben-Yehuda contributed much to the renewal of the ancient language and to its adaptation to the everyday needs of the modern world.


They furnished the library with many books.


It affects all of us.


We shall solve the problem without any difficulties.


We ate a whole load of apples.

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He smiled at the girl.

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Joanne and I both had the same dream last night.

I'll just wait.

I was thinking about what you said earlier.

I owe it to my doctor that I am still alive.

The result was contrary to his expectations.

You may need a shovel.

My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.

Dean struggled with dyslexia as a child.

What's really going on here?

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Minorities are despised in many countries.

I am a farmer.

Oskar made no such promise.


Donal underestimated Marie.

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Everyone was asleep.

The prince slew the dragon.

Our planet, Earth, is always in motion.

I had to hide my money.

This house has two bathrooms.

I've never stopped loving her.

I am sorry, but he didn't call.

You'll see the bank on the left hand side of the hospital.

With that performance, you have surpassed yourself. Congratulations!

Turn the flame down low.

You watch it.

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Hirotoshi can play the piano by ear quite well.

I'm no longer working for him.

I'm so much smarter than those plebs, with their "cat videos" and "face books". Of course, I wouldn't expect you to understand how tough it is being intelligent.

I'll get up your drive for English study.

Where will the concert be held?


You have superb English.

The children haven't studied division yet.

Transaction has failed.

They are not enemies, but friends.

Only the icing is missing from the cake.

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I don't pay them any mind.

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"Did you hear the news?" "No, I know nothing about it."

Do you think a pitbull would approach a huge dude like Dan?

Our house has a termite problem.


How many elevators are there in this shopping mall?

I think we'll need more food.

Up to now he had made nine humanoid robots but they were all demonstration models.

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Marek says he doesn't want to do that.


Kylo said he doesn't want this.

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Life is often compared to a journey.

She answered my letter right away.

Sorry, but your brother is an idiot.

Shai and Granville combined their money to buy a present for John.

Most modern airliners use turbofan engines because of their high thrust and good fuel efficiency.

Send the package to me care of Miss E Book.

What am I up against?

This man's wealth is big, but his madness is even bigger.

Only your advice has to be followed.


I've got to get some money somehow to repay the bank loan.

It takes a thief to catch a thief.

They put on a show to entertain their teachers.


I quit smoking half a year ago.

Can we work on that now?

You'll drink four glasses.