Jarvis and Francis are planning on getting a divorce.

Kolkka woke up the children and told them it was time for breakfast.

This is the first time I've ever won a prize.

"Aren't you Mexican?" "Yes, though now I live in Argentina."

Agatha may have said that, but I don't think so.

What's Janice going to wear to the party?


Even a rabbit, if badgered into a corner, will fight back.

How do we keep our children from hurting themselves?

Our house is your house.


We should follow her.

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It is forbidden to smoke.

I'll do as you want.

I think it's just a typo, rather than a grammatical error.

Why is this funny?

I watched the movie.

The wind was whistling in the broken window.

I stretched one.


I love to eat fried squid.


What was your question?

We have to deal with the same old problem year after year.

You would be in the same situation as me.


Phill spends all his time on the computer.


When you have a minute, could I talk to you?

We didn't buy the apartment very long ago.

He is a poet and novelist.


I thought that she was pregnant.

I draw almost every day.

She is loved by everybody.

Do you think Manuel is ready?

You guys were right.

Jeannette and Charles are trying to calm John down.

I want you to tell me what you really think of Pilot.


Are you doctors?

Jayant is lying on the ground.

I just want some bacon, that's all.


In the long run oat flakes with advocaat for breakfast will knock everybody's socks off.


How much are you being paid to do this?

Do you have a voucher?

What time do you usually get off your work?

You can believe him, he's not an untrustworthy person.

I asked him if he would return soon.

How would you describe them?

"Now," he said to the lady, "all we want is a drop of the maiden's blood."


I saw it on Discovery Channel.


Do you go in for sports?

Everybody speaks well of her.

Mars has some of the tallest volcanoes and some of the deepest valleys in our solar system.

Why do you think Coleen doesn't like me?

Irving admitted having done wrong.

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I'm so short of money at the moment that I keep having to dip into my precious savings


There is a television in this room.


I was awfully confused by his question.

It's clear from his actions that he loves her.

A fishing light wavers under the lee of an island.


She proposed giving a party.


Anywhere I go, I am there.

I can see a lady and two dogs in the car.

Ahmet can go first.

We've got three days left.

Dreams are free, so keep on dreaming!

The accident happened a year ago today.

You're going to hurt yourself.


Elizabeth is quite athletic.

How much time did it take you to learn Chinese so well?

It's important to know one's limits.

So, you giving up?

Sanjib gave Maria a diamond ring.

I suffer from depression during the winter.

When we started out, we only had six employees.

Cindy wasn't in on it.

He kindly answered questions.

We've confirmed the report.

If you ask him, he will help you.

They get what they deserve.

I hear a lot of girls wear bikinis at that beach.

I love American food.

In spring, one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn.

We left in secret.

She doesn't listen to her parents.

Louis stood by.

Prices may change.

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We must keep down expenses.

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Where does he live in Germany?

I'm in a jam.

When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch up.


She found Rhonda.

Would you mind if I walk with you?

Come on! I will show you the taste of defeat.


This made me interested in how some international proper names are written in Japanese.

My father was a contestant in a cooking contest and won first prize.

I don't know if I can speak French well enough to explain this properly.

The house stands by itself.

Turkeer didn't tell us how big your house was.


The maintenance on the water infrastructures in this region is insufficient.


I'm going out for about thirty minutes.

Izchak said he was too busy to help.

Johann isn't too old to do that.

We're about the same age as you.

It's a popular idea.

Today, separation and divorce are not as frowned upon.

Driving a car is really very simple.

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Do you really think that I'm going to let you do that?

Is Fox News biased?

But he is still alive?

I am a part-time photographer.

Don't get any stupid ideas.


We both know this isn't real.

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When are we going to get together?


Mr Tatuya deals in grain.


Judy is waiting for us in the park.


"Do you mind if I smoke?" "Not at all."


The father has grey eyes.

"Hey man! Didn't I tell you, Jerry, that I don't eat meat!?" - "Balderdash! You're going to eat it whether you like it or not!"

We'll learn the truth soon.

Let me check on that.

Before long, the ghost disappeared into a thick fog.

Have you seen them around?

The probability of Piotr being punished is very small.

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Andre celebrated his 13th birthday on October 20th.

They want to change the law.

Do you want to go to the concert with me?

There is a law against dropping litter but it is rarely enforced.

Victims of the hurricane received financial aid from the government.

Not so fast, young man!

You have to tell Saad what's going on.

What exactly do you do?

Three hostages were killed.

You're in Boston.

I'm not going to let you get away with this.

Is Glen allergic to anything?

A dog has an acute sense of smell.


The teacher looked for the walking-stick.

I've got to talk to Eliot and Marsha.

The police are looking into his disappearance.

I was up for hours last night thinking about that problem.

Erwin is ashamed of me.

Nobody ever got rich by saving on drinks.

Let's call her.


Why does she call me cute? Cute is such a dumb word. I'm not a rabbit.

I forgot my key.

He is a famous composer.

I'm not sure why Brooke didn't want to meet Earl.

Vladimir has gained weight since we last saw her, to say the least.

The campsite was totally deserted.



3 to the third power is 27.

Can't we just be friends?

Nowadays, you can't buy much for a dollar.

I gained back the weight I'd lost over the summer.

Ann likes music very much.

He kept reading the book.

I have had a slight fever since this morning.


The flower is alive with bees.


Maybe you just didn't care.

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Damone's eyes are red today.

If the Americans had had less influence on affairs, war might well have been avoided.

We know each other quite well.

Who did Sherman come with?

I already think you're crazy.

I hope you don't starve.

Do your work with more care.