Each of us is unique and special and that is exactly how you'll be treated at The Brows Group. We do not take short cuts and use only the best quality. Our color pigment products are made in the USA, free of heavy metals and are FDA/TFDA approved plant-based microblading pigments. They produce beautiful, long-lasting results and help to minimize irritation.

Not only do we care about our client's beauty but also their health. At The Brows Group, the tattoo needle and color box will be discarded after each use. Any tools that contact the appliance must go through multiple levels of sterilization to ensure no risk of any kind. Further, we strive to make the procedure as painless as possible so we combine our new microblading techniques and topical anesthetic cream.

Good to know

Here are answers to some common questions as well as additional information about us and the microblading procedure.
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In order to avoid potential complications, it's important to read through the before/after care info prior to the appointment.


Free in-person consultation (on Tues, Thu & Sat) is available. Please book in advance: 972-646-0168.
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