Pears Strategic Consulting Inc. develops digital management systems designs based on ecological social theory.

Our integrated design process coupled with our commitment to interconnected system functionality√ā¬†fosters institutional cultural change by forming social ecologies of learning.

These innovative networks of distributed skills and knowledge increase enterprise imaginative capacity and the technical capability to bring those imaginings to life.

Regional Project Management Office

For local community-based businesses and start-ups that need strategic support to get to the next level.

Needs assessment. Requirements Identification. Stakeholder Engagement.

Improve project outcomes.

Reduce project management effort.

Integrate design processes.


Certified project management.

Graduate-level business analysis.

Digital management systems design.



Each project is unique, and every project is constituted of phenomena in common. Too often project management design is assumed but not adequately developed. This issue is consistent across disciplines and fields. First, and foremost, projects exist in the form of relationships: people to people, people to technology, technology to technology. Second, every project comes …

Project Management Conflict of Interest – Novice Client and Expert Provider

Every project is unique, and every project embodies principles and processes in common. One common issue every project embodies is the potential for conflict of interest. There are many facets of potential conflict of interest in project management. This writing addresses the potential conflict of interest between a novice client and an expert provider (contractor, …


All projects are unique. All projects are based on common principles and processes. Life cycle processes can be organized sequentially to ensure essential oversight is not neglected. Common project life cycle processes are: Project Idea Project Rationale Project Initiation Project Plan Project Execution Monitor/Control Project Activity Close Project   The scope and schedule for how …


Pears Strategic Consulting Inc is based in Vancouver, BC.


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