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Brandon "Hooty" Ayala

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It’s about people and helping them in whatever capacity they need you to, this is what I learned while working at my father’s health insurance practice. I also came to the conclusion that I was happiest when I was outdoors either skiing in the snow or surfing in the summer. So in anticipation of completing my Computer Science degree, I founded Hooty’s Landscaping Inc, on the idea of putting customers’ needs first. From excavating to site preparation and demolition, I promise to complete your job in a timely manner for the best value possible. Thank you for considering us, Brandon Ayala, President

Why You’ll Love Hooty’s Landscaping

Service Guarantee

You get predictable and quality landscaping services, which means we don’t leave the job site until you’re satisfied.

Up-Front Prices

We provide clear landscaping prices, no need to worry about low-ball, bait and switch estimates.

Responsive & Friendly

Do not be afraid to ask all of your questions. Expect fast, straight-forward and honest information.

Reliable & On Time

You select the best time and day for your services and we complete it.



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