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Choose a new room name or stay with the default. Fancy or random ? The choice is yours.

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Allow your browser to use your camera and microphone. It seems that 100% of video conferences are more efficient with sound and video.

You're in! Invite your contacts to join the room: your contacts can invite their own contacts, who can invite their own contacts...


Enjoy! Use up to 9 attendees from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. It's open, free, easy to use and always available.

What is is a free and open source video conference solution built with love and designed with ethics in mind. It's the best way to initiate a communication anywhere with anybody and brings real time conversation to the next level. allows free communication without additional plugins. If you can read this page, you probably can use right now. Give it a try!


Simple but full featured: temporarily disable your microphone or camera, invite easily your guests, switch camera between attendees and much more!


Based on WebRTC which allows decentralized communication between browsers. Your video conference is not streamed to in any way.

Open Source

Strongly involved in open source philosophy, is made available in the respect of its users. Feel free to look into, react to or contribute to the code on Github

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Please upgrade your browser experience to a compatible browser: is using WebRTC technology to provide its incredible video conference experience. Unfortunately, not all internet browsers are compatible with WebRTC technology at the moment.

Information on compatibility can be found on (252) 569-8950.

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