They are a good couple.

Detective Dan Anderson has finally pieced together the whole murder story.

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You didn't see this one coming, did you, Hsi?

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Dennis said he'll call you later.

My arm is very sore where you hit me.

What time do you usually wake up?

Moore has enough money to do anything he wants to.

Those are my books.

She was very beautiful in her youth.

It might take a while.

Vladimir is a good worker.

Are you flexible?

We sent them a copy.

It rained heavily all day long.

His pale face showed a flush of excitement.

Three x cubed plus a constant... What am I on about?

They fled through a secret passageway.

Whenever I'm feeling pessimistic about the future of the world, I just think of how much has changed even in the time that I can remember.

Shut up!

I just want a little more information.

Delbert ended up winning.

Time crept on.


There was no one home.

Do you know what Vaughn is talking about?

Starbuck has returned from Australia.

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Every house in our neighborhood is practically identical.


We knew that we were going to go in different directions when our school finished.


This had better not be some kind of prank.


Tad couldn't figure out what Lynnette really wanted.


I think that it's good and bad that throughout my life I will not be able to forget that event.


It is hard for me to believe this.

I offered to pick Dick up, but he wanted to come by himself.

The party convention was put off.

The passengers remained calm.

Lukewarm Calpis is sweet, but if you add some ice it becomes a bit sour.


One hutong connects with another, siheyuans connect with other siheyuans to form a block, and blocks join with other blocks to form the whole city.

Why worry about Shahid?

I thought you'd always wanted to see this movie.

I concentrated my attention on the subject.

You hired me, didn't you?

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Vishal says he's never seen anything like this before.

You should be very proud of yourself.

If I had the time, I would visit you with pleasure.


Smoking in the office is against our rules.


That's a bunch of hogwash.

Just tell me what you want me to do.

In the next election, the Democratic Party is expected to get the better of the Republican Party.

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What I don't understand is why.

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Where did you want to take him?

Hasn't anyone seen her?

Are you speaking to me?


We must go back.

You'll be a good player soon.

She went in to get it.

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Do you want to see my scar?

I'm definitely going crazy.

Casey is now working for a secret service agency. However, he can't say which one, because that must remain a secret.

You're not my commanding officer anymore.

I haven't made a mistake yet.

Page doesn't seem to have heard Robbin.

He is an American to the backbone.

You really exaggerate returning at this time.

She switched a lamp off.

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Don't make a face like that.


Come what may, I'm ready for it.


I never can tell when Cindie is upset.

I have got a computer and I use it every day.

I think you're all wrong.

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She didn't want him to stay any longer.


The calculation of the budget for next year is based on the costs this year.

Let us know what happens.

I'm trying to become an expert in using axes.

"Er, that 'mixer party' thing is then ..." "Just a normal get together."

Murthy thinks that looks are more important than personality.

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O that I had never seen thee.

This feature is deprecated. We advise you not to use it.

Can you prove Van didn't do it?

By then Tony was in his middle sixties and still able to work hard, but he had a brand-new truck now, a new mower, a lot of other equipment and three people helping him.

Judith, I'm going to ask that you read me the letter.

How long has Bernie been in there?

Have you decided where you're going to go to study abroad?

How can I lose weight safely?

I won't tell anyone about her.

What's our next move?

She tends to be late for school.


I told Moe I was going to handle it.

He was able to ski down the slope in three minutes.

I might be gone for a while.

Max had a real rough day.

Can we see the doctor now?

It's an obviously bad example.

Pick up the language as you did your mother tongue.

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I'm pretty sure Nanda is the only one who can tell us what we need to know.


I was waiting for her.


I was strong.

Those types of birds I completely hate.

Tell her I won't be there.


All we can do is wait for Juri.

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They walked around the corner.

We are out of danger.

How many Chinese friends do you have?


That would've been a good start.

Stop the car here.

It was fortunate for her that her husband arrived at that moment.

Welsh is a very difficult language for me.

Joseph is my ex-girlfriend.

She screamed when she saw the snake.

Maybe I should give Paola a hand.

Konstantinos isn't going to help Chet.

Would anybody like to make a prediction?

Yes, that's right. The air is very humid.

Here I am again.

It's funny you should mention that.

I don't want to bore you.

He's so annoying!

Rajarshi yelled at Charlene.


I don't know what Suzan told Jan.

Closer examination revealed that the skull had been crushed by some heavy blow.

Hillel probably knows what Erwin is planning to do.


You were so awesome.

I will come tomorrow.

How did you get Gill to tell you that?


I need something for an adult.

Have you ever lived in a big city?

It said that people could not play football in the future and that anyone who broke this law would be sent to prison.

In the past, the boys were taught to fend for themselves while still very young.

Ethnic minorities struggle against prejudice, poverty, and oppression.

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I've always been creative.

It is an index of her character.

I've gotten kind of used to doing things by myself.

The oven in my house didn't run well today.

There is a piano in the room.

He leaned against the wall.

Bear in mind what he said.

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We all have regrets.


The rich and the poor are afraid of death.

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I'd like to visit Boston one day.


I'd like to get you both to help me.

Cottage cheese is my favorite food.

His daughter and he often texted each other inside their own home.

Are they going to have a boy or a girl?

Sentence changed according to the suggestion.

Can we get some help?

Have you been to Cairo?


The car screeched to a halt just in time.

Good afternoon, everyone.

Do you have to go to market, too?

I must be getting soft.

We'll release the final agenda on the morning of Monday, January 20, so please reply quickly.

I exchanged yen for dollars.

I hope you die.

Going out drinking with the guys makes him feel macho.

Woody and the others all burst out laughing.

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You're not even safe in your own home.

It is doubtless that he was murdered.

Insatiably greedy.

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We caught some large fish there.

Sugih, stop pulling my hair!

I'm just about done.